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Mercane - Full Range in store and ready to ship now!
Did you know the Mercane Wide Wheel is the best valued DUAL MOTOR for under $2K? Backed by our FREE LIFETIME SERVICING you can't go wrong!

Learn more online:
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If you aren't on our mailing list, now is a great time to join! We have a massive few months ahead of us including some NEW STOCK! NEW MODELS! and NEW ARTICLES coming your way!
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..."To own and commute to work in the CBD five days a week by car, costs the average Australian commuter between $7,432 (5km from the CBD) and $14,639 (25km from the CBD), or an indicative average cost of $11,031 each year"

Sobering stuff. That’s about the same as a fairly luxuriant family holiday to Europe or an African safari, or a year’s supply of very fine wine, (although not quite as sobering.....

Read more about the absolutely crazy amount of money you could be spending!
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With front and rear suspension and ridiculously wide 100mm tires, the Mercane WideWheel electric scooter could be the most comfortable 8″ wheel electric scooter we have ever ridden.

Priced at a crazy $2999 it's worth a look!
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Show us your wheels!
iScoot are now on Instagram - send us pics of you on your eScooter because #lifestooshorttowalk
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Segway's latest GEN 2 is all that you've been waiting for - but don't just take our word for it.

Book your test ride online today or call and speak to us to find out exactly what we think.


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