iScoot Events

iScoot believe that we can build a community around eScooters. Together we can learn more about how to get around safely, share advice and learn more about where we live by getting around in ways we haven’t done before.

We already run two types of events; the Carpark Sales and Test Rides and our iRide. The first allows you the only opportunity to come and actually try out some eScooters – not something you can do with a large retailer! We often find that people will come with an idea of what they need and walk out with something different – test rides makes a difference!

Our iRide experience is about just that – experiences. We want you to know how to stay safe, learn more about accessories that make your life easier and maybe even discover some new parts of the city.

We want to ensure that all our rider stay safe, so it is important to RSVP for these events via our Facebook page.

Have a great idea? We’d love to know! Why not email us at and make a recommendation?