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Zero 11X

OVERVIEW The Zero 11X is Zero’s new electric scooter and the most powerful with two 1600W motors giving it a
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Dualtron Thunder 60v/35ah 5400w

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11x Black Edition 72v

OVERVIEW The 11X is Black Edition is one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market with two 1600W
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Dualtron Ultra v2 60v/35ah 5400w

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Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

OVERVIEW LIVE THE EXPERIENCE! The Wolf Warrior + is the ultimate Electric Scooter! With dual 1200w brushless motors, hydraulic brakes
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Dualtron III 60v/28ah 3600w

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Inokim OXO – (Duplicate Imported from WooCommerce)

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Dualtron Eagle Pro 60v/23ah (New Model – Stock)

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Kaabo Mantis Pro Dual Motor Black

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Dualtron 2 EX+ 60v/24ah 3600w

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Zero 10x 21ah/60v Dual 1200w/Peak 3600w

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Dualtron 2 Limited 60v/28ah 3600w

$3,499.00 $3,299.00
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