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Joyor G5

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Joyor G1

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Joyor A3 Series

$999.00 $699.00
Joyor A electric scooter series sports a refreshing new design making it a stand out from it's peers. Refined to create the ultimate of inner-urban personal mobility, the Joyor A3 is one of the lightest of it's class and is unmatched for it's power-to-weight ratio. Checking in at a measly 11kg, it still manages 20-25km on a single charge and can be ready to go in around 4 hours. It's gooseneck stem design is striking and at the same time incredibly practical - it feels and looks like the robust little unit it claims to be. With a feature list you'd expect to see on a mid-range, 15-20kg+ scooter, the Joyor really is a stunning little commuter model that has really impressed us out of the box. If you think that 25km's might not be enough, it's a simple matter to add the additional battery pack and upgrade to the Joyor A5 - a flexible upgrade that is both affordable and simple. If you are worried about buying a brand you haven't heard of before, simply put - don't. This little beauty really is a winner in our books from looks to construction to accessories and it won't be long until it enters the top electric models of 2020.