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Electric scooter safety: How to avoid injuries when getting from A to B

An electric scooter is a super convenient way to zip around without raising a sweat, whilst avoiding traffic jams and minimising your carbon footprint. With that said, there are some things that you should always keep in mind to ensure your own safety and the safety of others.

This means that before you start riding, you need three main things: 1. The correct safety equipment; 2. knowledge of the laws surrounding electric scooters where you live; 3. education on how to safely ride your scooter. The purpose of this article is to discuss point number one—safety equipment that can keep you safe whilst enjoying the many benefits of your electric scooter.

Usually, the rule of thumb is simple—buy bicycle protection gear for slower scooters and purchase motorcycle protection gear for the faster ones. Nevertheless, there are also several accessories besides helmet and elbow pads that can prove to be lifesaving.

Among these safety accessories are a jacket that provides extensive elbow and spinal protection, knee and elbow pads to prevent everything from bruises to permanent joint damage, frontal LED lights so that cars can see you at night, a backpack with backpack lights, additional scooter mirrors for your handlebars, and a turn signal widget with lights for your seat so that not only can you be seen easily from behind by cars, motorcyclists and pedestrians, you can also effectively tell people behind you your next movement, whether it’s to turn, brake, or continue forward.

In conclusion, given the relative newness of electric scooters compared with cars and motorcycles, their safety is an important topic. While some regular users of electric scooters see safety equipment as an unwanted and excessive cost, it is worth keeping in mind that less expensive protection is far better than no protection at all. That being said, can you really afford to put a price on safety? Good luck and ‘drive’ safely!

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