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Do you want more service and support from the people who know your scooter best? 

iScoot's 3.2.1 Extended Warranty is Australia's only 3-year limited Extended Warranty on Electric Scooters. Pricing is be based on the type of eScooter you have purchased.



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Why Is It Important to Regularly Service an Electric Scooter?

Like any other machine, an e scooter needs regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it works safely and efficiently. Below are the important parts of e scooter that need to be checked when servicing an e scooter:


You know the joy of driving around town at high speeds if you ride an electric bike or scooter. However, highways can be dangerous, so be prepared.

That's where your brakes come in. These babies silently keep you secure, so don't take them for granted. Ensure you give them the TLC they deserve.

We recommend checking your brakes every 4-6 months. Regular servicing will help identify areas that need attention, such as worn-out pads and discs before they become a serious problem.


Riding and safety are important aspects of e scooter. And neither of those things is possible without good old-fashioned rubber tyres. These are the only things keeping you grounded, so you better make sure that you think about the wheel alignment check.

That's why getting them checked and repaired is a must-have in any typical service cover. Whether you're cruising through the city or zipping around town, having smooth and safe rides is the ultimate goal.

We recommended to check your tyres regularly for any signs of wear and tear, as well as look out for flat spots or bulging. But, we also offer same day tyre repair and replacement services.


Have you ever been riding your electric scooter down the street, wind in your hair, and abruptly stopped? It's not fun and should be avoided.

That's why it's crucial to check your motor on a regular basis. From giving your brakes a once-over to checking the battery life, a healthy motor is key to keeping your ride smooth.

Put on your mechanic hat and examine those electrical components and wiring to ensure your scooter is in tip-top shape.


If you want to make sure your cruising experience remains smooth and safe, taking care of your scooter's suspension is an absolute must.

The worst feeling is hitting a pothole or uneven pavement and losing control.You can't put the cost on a good suspension system that keeps you in control. 

Our service team will give your scooter a thorough check and make sure all the nuts and bolts are in place.


We all know that feeling of cruising around on our scooter, wind in our hair, and suddenly, BOOM- the battery dies. It's not fun and can even be dangerous.

Let's make a pact to keep our batteries in tip-top shape by following the manufacturer's guidelines and sticking to a regular maintenance schedule.

We can ensure our batteries are always ready for adventure. Because stranding on the road is the worst, right? Let's take care of our batteries and keep on rolling.


We know you love riding your two-wheeler around town. But have you ever had that heart-stopping moment when your lights go out?

It's a good thing lights are one of the most common issues for scooter repairs. Don't worry, and after a quick fix, you'll be back on the road with new lights.

Let's make sure to keep those lights shining bright and keep those nighttime rides adventure-filled and worry-free.

Mechanical Issues

Dealing with mechanical issues is never a fun task, but lucky for you, our team of electric and scooter service and repair experts is here to ease the burden.

From checking your brakes to replacing your chains and sprockets, we take pride in inspecting every moving part of your next scooter repair, to ensure proficiency and safety.

No one wants a faulty ride. With our skills and expertise, we'll have your next scooter running smoothly gliding down the road in no time.



What To Do When an Electric Scooter Stops Working?

If your electric scooter has stopped working, the first thing to do is have it serviced by an experienced technician.

A trained professional can check for any visible damage that may have caused it to fail. This includes cracks in the frame or loose screws and carrying out necessary repairs. They can replace defective components as part of the service.

Can an Electric Scooter Be Fixed?

Maybe you are wondering if your scooter can be fixed. The short answer is yes! With the right knowledge and skill, electric scooters can be fixed.

Whether you need an easy tune-up or major repairs, our trained mechanics are here to help. Thus, you can securely resume driving.

What Are the Common Problems With an Electric Scooter?

Electric scooters have several concerns, some of which are more common. Some of the most frequent problems experienced with electric scooters include brake failure, battery malfunction, motor issues, flat tires, and loose parts.

As we've mentioned above, regular e scooter servicing increases the likelihood of detecting any potential issues early and preventing them from becoming major repairs.

What Is the Service Life of an Electric Scooter?

The expected service life of a well-maintained electric scooter is around 3-4 years. Of course, this depends on your electric scooter brands type, quality, and maintenance.

Scheduling regular services for your electric scooter will play an important role in extending its lifespan and ensuring that it performs as it should.

It's important to service any electric scooter as soon as it breaks. This helps to prevent the problem from escalating and becomes more costly to repair.

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