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With so many electric scooters to choose from it's understandable it may be overwhelming to figure out the best one for you and your lifestyle. Great news! It’s not nearly as overwhelming as you might think. There are some simple things to consider first – the logical ones – like your body size and what you’ll be using it for. Common sense remains the best guide of all. Our iScoot experts have tested all our products and spend a lot of time with our customers to get their feedback. iScoot have some great tools and tips to assist you in choosing the right electric scooter. 

iScoot's iGuide

The team at iScoot have been testing and reviewing scooters to help make it easier for you to choose an electric scooter based on your needs, lifestyle and commute type. We have created a four category system that allows you to narrow down scooters from the get-go; Short Distance, Long Distance, Performance and Ludicrous.


Single Motor scooters which are light weight and easy to carry, ideal for your daily commute. Perfect for the small rider on flat terrain and maximum portability.


Single and Dual motor scooters with higher weight capacity and medium to large motors. Perfect for longer distances, hills and the heavier rider.


Dual motor scooters which are heavier to carry. Large weight capacity for heavier riders, longer distance and powerful motors for hilly terrain.


If you love insane power, speed and distance this is the place for you. These are the elite of the elite, the most powerful scooters on the planet.


iScoot is your one-stop shop for Scooters, Parts and Accessories


with every adult eScooter when you reach 100km or 1 month after purchase


Speak to our team about trading your eScooter in/up today or submit a form below


Our Mechanical specialists can assist you from purchase to Service, Warranty and Repairs



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