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So you’d like to ride an electric scooter in Newcastle?

We love our scooters! iScoot has an excellent range to choose from, and we can help you choose the best scooter to match your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your daily commuting journeys, wanting the most powerful scooter on the market, or would like to enjoy more of this beautiful city – there’s a scooter for you. Electric scooters are a great, convenient and socially distanced way to get around, but most of all, they’re just plain fun!

Newcastle is comparatively warm year-round. Nov–Mar is often hot and rainy with occasional thunderstorms, so care must be taken as you would normally during storm season. The area is relatively flat, without any major hills until you go further out of the city centre, so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about which model scooter might suit you best.

Before you start adding e scooter products to your shopping cart, there’s some things you should know first. We’ve prepared a summary for you to start with, but it’s important to make yourself aware of all the issues surrounding scooters, and the people that ride them in your location.

Can you ride electric scooters in Newcastle?

The NSW Centre for Road Safety currently states “Powered foot scooters and skateboards cannot be registered and can only be used on private land”.

So electric scooters generally may not be used on NSW roads, and are not legal to ride on public footpaths or other public places throughout the city.

There’s been ongoing rumours circulating about a 12 month trial for e scooters in Newcastle, however these plans seem to have been shelved while the NSW Government and Newcastle City Council focusses on the COVID-19 pandemic. We’re keeping our ears open for updates, and as soon as we hear more about a scooter trial we’ll provide an update.

The current rules DO allow for your foot scooter to be used on footpaths, and designated bike lanes or cycleways with certain conditions in place. So in this case, human power may be mightier than a motorised scooter!

So where CAN you ride an e scooter around Newcastle? Please be sure to check with your local government or authorities – Department of Transport for NSW or Newcastle City Council, and follow their advice on riding an electric scooter, as well as the rules applying to foot scooters.

Suggested locations where you can ride your electric scooter

  • Stockton Beach Recreational Area
  • University of Newcastle campus (check with your campus)
  • Private Property – your own backyard, acreage
  • National Forest trails (with permission)
  • Skate Parks
  • Park tracks
  • Off road tracks


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Shipping Costs for Newcastle

FREE SHIPPING to Newcastle for all iScoot orders priced over $100

Remember we have specialist electric scooter mechanics so if your e scooter needs a service, repair, or requires maintenance book a service here.

We stock a wide range of safety products on our online store, and these can all be shipped to your location around Newcastle – helmets, extra lighting, brake pads, extra battery.

The Legal Stuff

Please view the full information here on the New South Wales Centre for Road Safety site.

New South Wales road rules currently stipulate that “powered foot scooters…cannot be registered and can only be used on private land.” As such, it is illegal to ride an electric scooter anywhere in New South Wales, other than on private property.

The riding rules differ across the States of Australia, so please check with your local State road traffic authority to be certain of the local laws for details regarding:

  • Mandatory helmet
  • Speed limits
  • Age restrictions
  • e Scooter size and capacity

Electric Scooter Warranty

Our scooters are protected by warranty – This Limited Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the electric scooter arising or occurring as a result of your normal and ordinary use of your personal mobile device. Please read the full warranty details here.

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