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Known by many different names – electric scooters, e scooters, personal mobility devices, powered foot scooters, motorised scooters or wheeled recreational devices – these days you’ll see various different models zipping around your local community all the time. Depending on your local laws, they’re a great way to get around, awesome method of transport for people commuting to work, or they’re just a popular recreational activity to take off-road around parks or riding tracks in your leisure time.

iScoot stocks Australia’s widest and most comprehensive range of popular e scooters, and our team can advise you on everything scooter related, whether that’s scooter products, services or safety – whether you’re at the start of your scooter obsession, or you’re an accomplished scooter rider.

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iScoot have expert mechanics on hand to service and repair your e scooter.

We stock the largest range of e scooters in Australia and our people can offer real-world, practical advice on getting the most from your investment. We can provide repairs, servicing, warranty claims, test rides and trade ups. Visit our Service Centre for more information.

Our team are all scooter riders themselves, so your scooter is in the right hands, and will be well taken care of.


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Generally, electric scooters are allowed on private property without restrictions. Each Australian state has its own different laws governing the use of electric scooters – click here to see the information available, or click the links below to visit the relevant authority in each state.

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Northern Territory South Australia
Western Australia
Australian Capital Territory


Can you ride electric scooters uphill?

Of course! Just be sure you choose the right scooter for the job though.

Some scooters are designed to power up hills, while others are best suited to level surfaces. Generally dual motors, or higher watt outputs are great for zooming up hills. The more powerful the motor, the easier you can take your scooter uphill without losing speed or acceleration.

Remember that power and wheel size need to be matched. Having a high-power motor with small wheels will result in lots of skidding. That’s why more powerful scooters tend to come with larger tyres.

So when considering which scooter is best for you, think about how you’ll be using it – the distance you’ll travel, what the terrain is like, are your hills steep or gentle, whether you’ll need to fold or carry your scooter onto a bus or train. Then visit our buyers guide to find which brand and product might be the one for you!

What is the most powerful electric scooter?

When we talk about power, we don’t mean speed, we mean torque. Torque is the twisting force produced by the motor, and is the force that rotates your electric scooter’s wheel and propels you forward.

The most powerful motor on the market today is around 5400 watts – this is designed for offroad scooting, but can also produce higher speed. We normally recommend this for more experienced riders, as it can be quite a challenge to control.

Is an electric scooter safe?

When operated appropriately, within standard guidelines – your e scooter is no higher risk than bicycles or motorcycles. Keeping your ride well-maintained, in top condition, and within safe riding limits, will minimise your risk of unsafe events. Similarly, ensuring your battery is properly maintained will not only extend its life, but minimise any possible hazards associated.

What is the fastest e scooter?

The fastest scooter we stock is capable of travelling up to 100kph (on private property only). At this speed, we’d suggest a smooth and flat terrain, as navigation over bumps or rough tracks could cause damage to your scooter. In Australia, e scooters are required to be speed limited for use in public.

Do you need to wear a helmet while riding an electric scooter?

Each Australian state has its own different laws governing the use of electric scooters, and whether helmets are required by law – click here to see the information available.

At iScoot we always recommend full safety gear, such as helmets, closed shoes and protective clothing, to keep you as safe as possible from any unforeseen events that may occur.