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Razor Flashback Kick Scooter
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Our top 5 pro scooters for 2022

Not all scooters are created equal. If you're in the market for the cheapest scooter you can find, and aren't worried about high-quality features, then these pro scooters may not be for you.

In this guide, we have compiled the top five pro scooters that are very durable, extremely fast, sleek and full of excellent features. These machines can handle practically any situation thrown their way. So whether you're looking to tackle a huge, steep hill, or want to hit ramps at your local skate park, these top five pro scooters have you covered. (If cost is a main priority please use our price range filter.

Razor flashback kick scooter

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Razor Flashback Kick ScooterRazor Flashback Kick Scooter
DIMENSIONS122.5 cm x 54.2 cm x 88.5 cm (assembled)
DECKW120mm x L 445mm with custom designed, perforated full-deck grip tape
FRAMETubular steelHandlebars: Width 21.4"
(543 mm), height to ground 34.5"(875 mm), fixed, BMX-style, steel
GRIPSSoft, rubber.
Downtube: Non-folding, rigid
TIRESSpoked mag wheels with 12" (305 mm),pneumatic tyres
BRAKESFront and rear, hand-operated

The Razor Flashback is just as the name sounds; it's a flashback to the of the 80's and 90's. A time when BMX's were all the craze and bright colours were the style. Razor has taken this iconic era and built a pro scooter based on it. 

The brand has included a hand brake on the scooter that slows both the front and back tires down instantly, simply by pushing the handle. This feature mimics the old school BMX bikes that the Razor flashback kick scooter was inspired by. 

While this scooter may represent everything great about the 80s and 90s, it also includes some of the innovative technologies Razor has worked to fine-tune for decades. The Flashback is one of the smoothest scooters on the road, largely thanks to its 12 inch air filled tyres that do a great job of cruising over bumps in the road and allow the scooter to reach very fast speeds.

If tricks are your things and you love taking a pro scooter to a skate park, then you're in luck. This durable scooter is designed with the ability to handle jumps and ramps in mind. It has a steel frame that is built for strength and weighs a low 8.11 Kg that helps to make impressive tricks - especially those involving airs - that much easier. 

And, it's not just the above features that make the Razor Flashback Kick Scooter special. It's packed full of cool features, including it's wide deck that helps both make the scooter comfortable to ride and to land tricks.  

Razor A6 kick scooter

DIMENSIONS1000 mm x 428 mm x 1070 mm
DECK LENGTH & WIDTH574 mm x 113 mm
HANDLEBARS425 mm - adjustable-height up to 1067 mm
and anti-rattle, folding T-bar
TIRESSpoked, ultra-large 10” (254 mm), urethane wheels 

When it comes to push scooters, you can quite literally outgrow your favourite hobby. Most scooters are designed with average height ranges in mind. However, these scooters usually aren't ideal for people who are significantly tall. Fortunately, the Razor A6 has been designed with this problem in mind.

The A6 was specifically designed for riders who are too tall for most other models on the market. The stem installed on this pro scooter can extend up to 1067 mm, making it the tallest on the market. 

Of course, a common problem faced when extending a scooter's stem is that it can become weak or rattle more due to its length. This isn't the case with the Razor A6 scooter, Razor has added anti-rattle technologies that help to keep longer handlebars steady and firm. The frame on the A6 is super lightweight but made of extremely durable aluminium that gives it the ability to hold a rider up to 100 kg - and tackle a skatepark without worrying about breaking the frame. 

On the subject of tricks, the A6 has been equipped with 10"" urethane wheels that are ideal for use on ramps because they have exception grip and additionally have great abrasion resistance, meaning they generally last a very long time.  

Globber one NL 205 big wheel scooter

MODELONE NL 205 Big Wheel Scooter
DIMENSIONS101 to 111hH x 96L x 49W (cm)
BRAKESRear Fender
T-TUBE/DECKSuper wide, curved 3-height adjustable anodized T-bar (98, 103 and 108cm from the ground)
TIRES205mm front and rear 

Anyone who is familiar with high end pro scooters knows that Globber produces some of the best on the market. They are famous for their high-quality craftsmanship and for producing top-of-the-range scooters. The Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter is no exception to this. 

This pro scooter comes with easy-to-adjust handlebars that can be changed to suit almost any rider's preferences. They also have a very strong and easy-to-use folding system where the handlebars can be folded up to the base with just a click of a button. The feature makes the Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter easy to port around. 

The wheel on this Globber are extra large, allowing easy travelling with less effort. Globber has equipped this fantastic scooter with ABEC 5 bearings to help keep your scooter rolling for longer with less pushing. 

The safety features on the One NL Big Wheel Scooter are great too. It has a great rear wheel rear fender braking that allows a firm and quick stop, large tyres and a front-rear shock absorber that can handle even the sketchiest bumps on the road. 


T-BAR 82, 87, 92 and 97 cm from the ground
TIRES121 mm light up scooter wheels

If you're looking for a top-of-the-range push scooter, then you shouldn't look past the Globber FLOW 125. 

Even at first glance, these complete scooters looks awesome - it has LED lights that change from red to green to blue. These lights actually like up brighter the fast you go, too, thanks to dynamo technology that's been integrated into the scooter wheels. While the light-up wheels certainly look cool, they are also a great safety feature.

Speaking of safety, the team at Globber has made sure to add the highest industry standard safety features to the Flow 125. The braking system is second to none with its long-lasting composite extra long and wide bi injection rear brakes that will slow down a rider quickly and safely. The Globber FLOW 125's body has been constructed out of strong, yet super lightweight aluminium that is extremely durable. Like the body, the scooter's deck is made out of triple deck construction that is also lightweight and one of the most durable decks on the market. 

Despite its strong build, this portable scooter is actually considerably light. It weighs in at just 3.14 kg and is easy to fold. The above safety and low weight features are the reason that this scooter has age rating of 6 years and up.

Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter

MODELONE NL 230 Ultimate
DIMENSIONSH107 to 117, L 105, W 49 cm

230 mm high rebound PU cast

Are you looking for a scooter that can quickly and easily get you from A to B and will let you have fun in the process? If so, then the Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter is a great choice.

This impressive vehicle is one the best commuter custom pro scooters on the market due to its oversized 230 mm wheels that ensure a smooth and long ride and require the rider to exert less energy in the process. 

And, the great features definitely don't stop at the wheels. Globber went all out and added the highest ranking bearings on the market; ABEC 7. For those familiar with these bearings, they'll already know that ABEC 7 help scooters more very smoothly and quickly. 

Aside from being smooth and fast, the Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable pro scooter is very portable. It has a 1-second folding design, helping to make carrying your light 6.17 kg scooter much easier.

The Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter comes with a strong aluminium frame that is extremely durable and is rust-proof. The design of the One NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable Scooter is sleek and safe thanks to its reflective paint job that helps to make the scooter stand out, even at night. Globber has also added a bell to help riders alert others and give extra awareness. Of course, the Globber ONE NL 230 Big Wheel Foldable scooter's strong, long-lasting hand brake is just another impressive safety feature.

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