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Based on 448 reviews

Excellent customer services

GT2 Super Scooter

Unbelievable scooter ! Super long range and very powerful, I was worried about it being locked to 25kph bit it wasn't, it's is Super stable even at 60kph.
Very happy with the quality and the price I paid from Iscoot and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the GT2 and Iscoot AAA+++

Cool scooter

I purchased the Benelle C20 for the looks and have been amazed by the quality. It comes with solid tyres yet the ride is surprisingly very smooth. I wasn't aware of the side LED lights which look sick at night :-)

Love this scooter

I love this scooter and always get people asking me what brand / model it is. It stands out with white frame and timber deck, plus the yellow deck lights look epic at night. Very happy with my purchase.

Delivery time was great ,easy company to deal with. Seemed to be a good deal. Scooter is a Christmas gift so haven’t unboxed yet hoping it’s a good scooter for my daughter.

Amazing service

The scooters are awesome the service from these guys was amazing they were a pre order when I called to find out an eta as they were a gift they advised a couple of weeks all good.. then close to that time I received and email advising they were again delayed then a call from the store and they offered us the upgraded version at no extra cost as our original order was again delayed the customer service 10/10.. the scooters arrived in a few days.
So so please just outstanding. Thanks so much

Good helmet 🪖

I was really impressed with this helmet

Good stuff

Haven’t had a flat yet

Zoom Hydraulic pads

These arrived very fast and went in easy. Good prices, happy with the result

Thousand White

Great looking and light is very bright just a bit heavier than expected

a very reliable scooter

Replaced my old ninebot max with this 2023 Mearth RS. Very happy riding it everyday since. The 2 disc brakes are very safe to use on this powerful machine. Overall very happy

Great service thanks

Carbon Oxy 10 Electric Scooter

I recently upgraded e-scooters to the Carbon Oxy 10. I am enjoying the increased acceleration and top speed but the change that impressed me the most was the smooth suspension. My old e-scooter was tough on my knees and after two and a half years, I was getting regular pains just walking. After three weeks with the Oxy 10, my knees are no longer giving me trouble. It’s a great ride and I am satisfied with the product.

Kugoo S1 Plus Electric Scooter

Under-Rated & Ultra Portable

Now, the whole reason I wanted an electric scooter in the first place was for an alternative to a bicycle for my commute. The bike was great but it was a nuisance to store as well as turning up to work in a sweat. Further, I needed something that I could carry up and down stairs and able to be folded away in a cupboard, the wife would not have this thing in sight.

Now, I am unique in that my commute is only 1.5km, more or less flat, through backstreets with lots of stop signs, so i dont need much range or speed. One commute of this uses exactly 31% on sport mode. I charge this each night on its included charging stand. I have made it to work and back twice (6km total) on one charge in sport mode with still some juice in the tank, but I probably wouldnt want to try the third day.

I walk up stairs at work and I live in a small terrace with stairs so foldability, weight and portability was critical. I doubt there is a better scooter on the market in this category, the foldability of this is un-matched. With once click the scooter origami-quick-flicks itself into this flat and narrow wedge, then, holding the same place I lift up the back wheel and roll on the engine-less front wheel like a travel suitcase, from riding to walking in about a second (and visa-versa). Then a quick bend down and pick it up by the frame and carry up the stairs with one arm (10.5kg).

Another great thing of note that it comes with its own moulded stand in the box. That cuts down on all that wasted packaging. Its likely you'll charge it every day as a commuter so a charging stand is a neat touch. I have the scooter stored and charged in a narrow broom cupboard in the kitchen, absolute win.

Now this lightweight has its advantages on the road, it stops on a dime and I can effectively pick up the scooter with a step and lift to mount a curb with ease from the handlebars. Similarly if i need to turn 90 degrees on the spot i can just step and lift the tail around. For those that might call scooters "dangerous" to padestrians i can say that this scooter is lighter than many road bikes.

I think its just so satisfying that my main form of transport takes up so little space and is so light, a real magic trick. 20km/h is actually impressive in this regard. I have had this scooter for 7 months now and find myself longing for a bit more power and speed, but you can't have it all. I may not ever change unless something comes out that is as light and foldable.

Bosch 3.6V Cordless Air Pump

Awesome product. Really quick & easy. Use on our e-scooter & mobility scooter too. Saves us so much time and inconvenience to be able to do when we want from home without the inconvenience of going to a garage to use the dirty hoses. Highly recommend.

Good scooter

It's a convenient and enjoyable option for daily commutes or recreational rides. Excellent choice for both teenagers and adults. My son enjoys using it.


Excellent service from the team down at Iscoot,
I bought the 52 18 version. Definitely happy with it gets up and go’s, looks amazing and performs well. Can’t beat the Australian build as well, definitely makes the difference! Parts available, the guys also fitted me with custom leather grips, extension bar and sorted me with a good lock and helmet.

This scooter is very easy to control and packs a punch if you wish to take it off road. Suspension is very comfortable. The handle bars are adjustable. Suited for all types of riders.
The only con I could really pick on it was the standard foam handle grips. The 60 21 version already has the good grips.

I definitely recommend it you won’t be disappointed, good luck with the search!


Hey jus wondering if you guys have my order in-stock yet coz I jus can't wait to receive my scooter and enjoy every ride everyday.!!!

Thousand Helmet
Barbara Stephenson

Love everything about this helmet. Great style and features. Super light. East adjust. Highly recommend

Best product

Perfect product and best price in the market and very fast delivery service !! Highly recommended

STACYC 16 EDrive Brushless Electric Bike

Best price I could find on the internet with free courier delivery. Ordered on a Friday, delivered on Monday.

Ninebot Segway Max30GL

Great scooter to ride and a lot of fun! Delivery could of been a little quicker, but all in all a good experience with iscoot.

Scooter Service Repair Labour Charge
James Buck
Very Impressed

When I started inquiring about a service repair on my scooters engine, I didn't think I was gonna get away with a repair below $300, at minimum. With a whole lot of sorting out details and time to get it done.
Instead what I got was an amazing service: Sending my broken scooter from Gold Coast to Brisbane, getting the scooters engine fixed, sending it back to me, with a vigilant handler in Brisbane to keep me updated all the way - $109.

I couldn't believe my luck with such good service, customer service, timing, and pricing. I highly recommend for everyone to send your scooter here (if they service your brand of scooter), couldn't have asked for anything more.

Re: Blackhawk Pro..

Recommend to me by a Friend, (Blackhawk Pro).. although costing Substantially more, This Scooter is well built.. At 6'7" and 120kg.. I was Initially Sceptical when purchased but on my Frist ride... I almost crapped myself due to the mass Force of Power This Scooter Provides.. Took a while Getting used to but all in all, This Scooter gave me Crazy Fun Times as well as Reliability.. Only issue I had is the Weight & Size when Folded down.. During those rare times when needing to carry or transport it..

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