iScoot Reviews

The team at iScoot regularly answer a range of questions about how electric scooters compare. While some customers are able to join us at our showroom to test ride, for those who live too far away, we hope our videos will help answer critical questions such as power, battery, lifestyle, accessories and more to help you decide which eScooter suits you best.

In-Depth Comparison between the Zero 10x, Black Edition 10X and the Bexly 10X

iScoot conduct a full comparison between these three models from unboxing, exterior, speed test and under the deck.

What is the best eScooter for $3K?

iScoot put the four most commonly purchased 3K electric scooters through a series of tests to find out who comes out on top! The  Kaabo Mantis, Inokim Oxo, Zero 10X and Dualtron Limited face it off over lifestyle, accessories, accelration, hillclimb and more! If you are looking for a way to decide between these electric scooters, this video gives an honest and fresh review of these four incredible escooters. Visit us instore to test ride today!

What is the difference between the Dualtrons?

The comprehensive guide to the Dualtron electric scooter range!

Zero Range

The comprehensive guide to the Zero electric scooter range – what the differences are and why.