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eScooter Tyres - What you need to know

If you are considering a scooter, the type of escooter tyre may help you narrow down your options. If you are planning on using a regular route, e.g to work, walk or bike and check out the terrain and any inclines beforehand. This is one of the most common reasons riders come back to iScoot to Trade Up or upgrade their ride. At almost 20% of total sales needing to upgrade within the year, it’s clearly worth taking the time to review your priorities prior to purchase.

Solid eScooter Tyres
These are airless tyres that are either entirely made of rubber or filled with polyurethane foam. They are sometimes called “indestructible tyres” because of their non-susceptibility to getting a flat and low maintenance. While the appeal of having something considered to be indestructible to take the brunt of the force while riding, you’ll be relying entirely on the suspension of the scooter to ease the ride for you. Additionally, these can be a nightmare to change if you do wear out the tread or take a chunk out of them while dropping off curbs.
The Zero 8 features a rear solid wheel with a pneumatic front wheel to utilise the best of both worlds.

Zero 8 Solid Rear Tyre

Honeycomb design solid escooter tyres are made by creating air pockets inside the solid tyre.

This type of tyre is the new contender on the block. You can quickly see the advantages of this fairly simple concept – the holes provide a form of cushioning negating the risk of those pesky flats, meeting somewhere between the Solid and Pneumatic design. Expect to see more of this in future as the current eScooter versions appear to be no more sophisticated than a few drilled holes. In a growing market, done well, there is great incentive for the first brand to really take this area by storm.
This type of tyre can be found on the Inokim.

Honeycomb design combines the durability of the solid tyre along with a more comfortable ride.

The most common form of tyres on vehicles, pneumatic are air filled inner tubes or a beefier style rubber wheel which is air-sealed to the rim. If you’re buying a scooter, you’ve likely ridden a bike (and that’s probably why you’re here!) and understand how this whole thing works.

Advantages; they are lightweight, fairly easy to service if you do get a puncture and the most comfortable ride of the three. The downside is the risk of finding yourself pushing your scooter for the nearest bus station if you happen to puncture the inner tube.
This is why we here at iScoot are excited about the new product ‘slime’ that can effectively create a band-aid over the escaping air and get you home safe.
Pneumatic tyres also need a little bit of attention to the inner pressure. The idea is to have it high enough to ride comfortably by having some flex or give, but not so much you damage the tyre by running it deflated. Likewise having the pressure too high won’t make for a comfortable ride and is more likely to puncture. The inner pressure will also increase when it is hot and decrease when it is cold. Don’t over think it, but it’s good to know the science.

Smaller sized tyres tend to be more manoeuvrable, whereas bigger sized tyres give more speed and comfort.
Here we can see Zero models that compliment two completely different terrains; the Zero 8 with it’s thinner tyre & lightweight ride makes for the perfect commuter scooter, while the Zero 8X comes with off-road tyres that are significantly wider with a much more powerful battery and stronger build.

Different tyre types for the Zero eScooter Models

Brands such as the Mercane have made their tyre a feature of their branding with the Mercane Widewheel series, boasting a whooping 100mm wide wheels and putting heavy emphasis on their suspension.

Mercane Wide Wheel Series lay a heavy emphasis on the width of their tyres.

At the end of the day, nothing beats a test ride to really get the idea of what works for you and how escooter tyres are a pivotal part of the decision making process. iScoot carry the largest range of eScooters in Australia and can quickly help match you to your perfect scooter. Our full range of accessories and on-site workshop makes the working knowledge of your scooter only a phone call away.

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