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iScoot Best eScooter for $3000

Which is the best Electric Scooter for $3000 AUD?

Morning! Mark here from iScoot. We're here today to talk to you about what we believe are the best scooters for under $3,000. Our job here at iScoot is to bring you the best scooters from all around the world - and today I think we've got some fantastic scooters that fit into that beautiful $3,000 category perfectly.

So starting off with the Kaabo Mantis, which is what I brought in today, dual motor (model). We've got my colleague here, Matt. Nice scooter mate - shame about the brakes.

Oh, well, you know, they can't all have hydraulic brakes as standard. I think the Zero 10 X 24 AMP is the one that's going to take this out today.

Okay. We'll see. What's that?

What do you mean? Hang on, hang on, hang on. I thought we're going for a cruise today. I even brought my little camera here in order to film us a little GoPro, a little back backpack, but mate, I thought we're going to go for a cruise. I tell you, I brought the original cruising scooter around $3,000. Exactly what you said.

No no no - under $3,000. How much is that?

Really? Around $3,000. Like you said, hang on - talk about pricing - what the hell did he bring? Steve, that's a, that's a gun to a knife fight, mate. You can't bring a Dualtron to a cruise.


What did you bring in?


Yeah, we can see that, which one?

The EX 3,600 w.

Ah, so we've got the Porsche at the end there with the Dualtron 3,600 Watts. That's going to be a tough one to beat from a power point of view. We've got the Inokim with the biggest battery, but I don't know if that's going to give you the power that you want later on Andre, it's also probably the oldest scooter out of the lot of them. Matt's with the 10X, which is really, I mean, it's out there. (He’s) certainly proving a point.

Look good and win doing it.

Okay. This is probably - the zero 10 X is probably the biggest seller for many obvious reasons. And of course, the Kaabo, which is going to win today.

Mate you can't say that the only way we're going to find this out is if we do series of tests

I'm happy to do some tests, guys bring it on


Okay. So these are the tests that we're going to put these four scooters through today to try and determine which we believe to be the best. We're going to start off at looking at accessories. What does each scooter have out of the box? Then we’re going to move to lifestyle, how easy are the scooters to live with as far as how quickly can they fold, practicality i.e put them in a boot, picking them up and also just the general quality and the feel of the scooter. We’re going to do a brake test, which is obviously pretty critical when you've got this kind of power. And then we're going to go into a bit of an acceleration tests, which I think you know, you guys might be under. We'll see, we'll see how we go there. And obviously a hill test to see which, which of these scooters can handle the hill. (And) then we're going to talk about the battery and what the options are. We’ll add up at the end and we'll see which scooter comes out on top. Okay guys, you ready for it? Let's do it.


So in terms of accessories, the first cab off the rank, we have the Kaabo, which comes standard with a bell, a handlebar locking system for when it folds up a foot rest which doesn't really compare when you compare it to the Zero.

So the Zero comes with the key which is lockable for against people taking off with it. It comes with the foot rest, but I do need to make note that this particular Zero actually comes with a couple of extra accessories that wouldn't come as standard, like the 10 by three inch wheels, the air shocks and the stem clamp. Yes, fantastic.

Over to the Inokim. Comes non standard with the GoPro and obviously the bag at the back because I thought we were cruising. But anyway, what it does come with is the stand at the back, the kickstand and also the footrest at the back, and also a bell.

Talking about a similar category price, the Dualtron. With the Dualtron again you have the kickstand to the left there also, you got to hook at the front, but no clip at the back and no bell. So first of all, for the (Kaabo) Mantis out of five?

Three, three points for the Mantis

Zero 10X? two, three, three points as well.

You got to key that. Yes, that's one more.


Three points Inokim Oxo? Bell, footrest – two points for the Oxo.

Dualtron - so we've got the kickstand as well, and the hook for your groceries. Two points.

There you have it! First test done. Accessories – it’s a tie between the Kaabo and Zero! Let’s do the next one.


OK so we're going to start off and see which of these scooters are the easiest to live with as far as folding them and then putting them in the boot of an average sized car. So, the mantis to go, we've got two clips there. They fold up and that pushes up quite easily (and) then we can lock that in so we can actually then pick up the scooter, come on Andre don’t’ want to do it all for you, that’s it! So that weighs about 32 kilos.


Okay, well you need a better car. So it's actually your fault. Okay. We have Matt here with the Zero 10X similar clip to the Mantis system. Upgraded stem system on this particular model at the moment.

Folds down - How does that lock in Matt? It does not.

No locking there

#$%#$%#$ Oh that’s heavy

And the moment of truth…. Yeah!

So next we have the most expensive scooter, the Inokim. Because of the price point it's probably going to put itself in the booth, but we'll see. So Andre talk us through what you're doing. You've got to click there and fold the clip, push that down. That's a pretty easy mechanism to be fair, but it does click in, it won’t with the Go Pro. Let's see if Andre can pick it up.


What's that about 30 odd kilos again, Andre?

Yep. Low thirties.

Let's see the boot test…




Okay. Last but not least. We have the speedster. Okay Steve, again, a single locking mechanism this time, that loosens off unfolded a bit. There we go. Does it lock in on this one?


Okay. So let's see if it fits in the boot mate.

That is a lightest scooter in the category 27 kilos.

27 kilos. So it's the lightest and I suppose the most compact.

So the final part of the lifestyle test, we've got the foldability test, which we've already done the boot test, which we've already done. And now we're just going to talk to the build quality Mark. How do you feel you went with the Kaabo? 


Okay, so I've ridden this scooter around now probably for the last three days. Really, really liked it. It's got a great suspension. The brakes give me confidence. Doesn't have the hydraulic brakes, like some of the other scooters do. However they are dual disc brakes. But yeah, look, well-made scooter. I think you know, certainly got no complaints about it handles pretty well. There is a little bit of stem wobble, which you tend to get from these sort of scooters anyway. But yeah, I'd probably give it at least a, a, probably give it a three out of five.


I've been about the same amount of time with the a Zero. I really like it, especially the brakes, the brakes, the hydraulic brakes are definitely what sets it apart from a lot of the other scooters. It has a spring suspension in the front. The one thing I don't like, even though it's got the upgraded stem clamp, there is a little bit more wobble on this than a lot of the other scooters. But other than that, I'm a big fan. I'd probably give it about a three as well.


Okay, fantastic

With the Inokim, out of all the scooters here it has been around the longest in terms of the actual build itself. So Inokim has had a long, long time to be able to perfect that in terms of the movement in the standards, very little of that. It's also got a very simple clamping system at the bottom. The, the brakes, probably not as good as the nut brakes I’d say, but the zoom does a decent job on the scooter. 

The other thing I've found interesting is having ridden the single wheel Inokim versus the dual, it's kind of like they just added on another motor. So from an engineering perspective

Well that’s what they did do Andre 

Well they did do that..I wouldn’t say I’m as comfortable in riding this in the last few days as I would be, for example, riding the Dualtron, which was made to come out of the box with two wheel (motors).


What about, what about the single arm? Is that a concern? 


Yeah, look, all of the other brands these days do dual arms on both sides of the scooter. This is a single, we have had complaints in the past of that bending.

Especially on the back

(and) especially if you're a little bit on the heavier side, so look. As much as I hate saying this, I would have to rate it lower than the other scooters. Probably give it a two. That's generous two.


What about the Dualtron?

Very nimble, super light and as for speed – well, I don’t think anyone else can compete.

Well it’s the fastest here isn’t it?

We think, we’ll find out later

And it’s the lightest – 27 kilos

27 kilos, good range

But what about the controllers Steve? So you've got the same controller, the eye three that I've got, which is actually made by minimotors. So, I mean, what are your thoughts on that controller?


Instant access to every setting that you need in regards to linea take off or full beans, battery management, you can actually open up the delivery of power from the eye controller. So if you want full on race mode, it's capable to go through the settings and open it up.

So what would you rate that at a five?

Four out of five or five out of five… no lets go five


Oh, cool.


We had the Kaabo that went first. How did we go there?

Look at folds down well. Well I mean really same mechanism that’s on the 10X and the same as the Dualtron this does have the double clamp, so it takes a faction longer, but I think, you know, foldability, I'd give it a, give it a three. Yeah, three


For the Zero myself, for the foldability, it does have the upgraded stem clamp. It does take that a little bit longer because of it. It doesn't actually clamp up when it is folded. Plus the fact that I tripped over it, I'm probably gonna give it a two.


On the Inokim, pros and cons - very simple mechanism to actually fold it. It does clip in the back as well. So that's really positive. The big drawback though, that I find, especially in the car that we tasted then is the distance from the bottom to the bit where it actually folds is a lot higher than any of the other scooters. So that's a big drawback I thought. And it’s also very heavy because of that and then a larger battery. I'm going to give it a one and a half I’d say.

<Dualtron> Foldability? I should beat everyone.

I agree.

It doesn't lock in though Steve.

You can, but you have to buy a separate piece.

Yeah, it’s an additional extra. 


And super lightweight, so easy to get in a vehicle

What would you give it?


Out of five? I’m going to go four.


It's like the Dualtron’s going to take this out. What about for the boot test Mark?

Okay. Well, there's only two that actually the boot closed - the Zero and the Dualtron. So, you know, I think better to get five points because they both passed the boot test. And I mean the Kaabo was pretty close. I'd probably give it a three.

Just longer isn’t it?

Yeah, just a fraction bigger. And then the Inokim probably came off the worst because of an extra height there. So maybe, you know, probably it probably a three and a two.

Alright. And for quality, can we just go around and what we said for our points. The Kaabo you gave?


I gave a three.

A three.

I gave the Zero a three as well.

It should probably be another one and a half, but I gave a generous two.

<Dualtron>I’m going to go four. So far it's been a good little unit.


Wow. The Dualtron really took that one out.

Dualtron smashed it.

There you have it! That's the lifestyle test done.

Beautiful. Okay. Next we're going to go and do some, a bit of scooting, which is what these are designed to do. We're going to test out the brakes. We're going to check out the acceleration and also we're going to see how the handle on hills, which is also a, especially where we're from, there's quite a few hills around here, so let's go do it boys. Beautiful. Let's go.


Okay guys. So what's happening this afternoon?

I'm desperately trying to win the race on the Inokim, not happening.

Got any comments?

I just want to be able to see from my rear vision mirror, how far back Andre is behind me.

You got no mirror mate!

Well I picked a winner. So these guys take a good look at my back cause that's what you're going to see. I'll look at it now because I'll be in front of you later

OK call it!

On your marks. Get set. Go!


Now we're going to do the battery test. We're going to compare the batteries in each of these scooters and see how they compare against each other. Mark, how does the Kaabo go?


Okay. So the Kaabo, this particular one has the 18 amp hour battery. It is a 60 volt system. It does come in a 24 amp power version. They're not available in Australia yet. So you know, this does fall in under the 3000 K brackets and you know, 17, 18 amp hour, you know, it's a pretty good, a pretty good size battery. I think you're going to get, you know, real world riding. You're probably going to get that sort of km’s running flat out. So yeah.

So what are you going to give it out of five?

Oh, look, I think, I think you got a couple different variants. Probably give it a three.

A three. 


No worries. With the Zero, the Zero comes in three different options unlike the Kaabo with only two. The model I've got is the 24 amp, which is a 52 volt system. There also comes an 18 volt. And then there's the new 2020 version, which is a 21 amp 60 volt model. So looking forward to that landing very, very soon.

In terms of value for money, this is the top of the range of the Zeros. So falling under the three K category, I would actually give this a four out of five.

And that's LG as well is it Matt?

LG battery, yes. So the 18 amp doesn't come with an LG, but the 24 amp and the 21 amp do. I

Does it have two ports for charging?

Dual ports? It does. You can buy an extra charger in order to be able to charge it, then reduce charge time by half.

Ok, one’s enough!


I totally agree with you at one’s enough. And that’s what you get with the Inokim.

Again, really good quality battery by being an LG 25.6 and also at the 60 volt mark. So good all round, good distance as well. The only problem I have with it, unfortunately as Mark is pointing out and it's true is that it is above that $3000 mark. So, and we have to mark it down for that I believe, but based on what you pay for, what you get, look, I think it's probably fair to give it a score at three as well.


Steve, how did the Dualtron fair?

Well, I’ve got 24 amps, dual port charging – can’t beat that - and I can actually put on an extra battery.


Oh, you've got the auxiliary.

Also LG chemistry. This is the smallest version in the Dualtron II (series).

It's the mid ‘cause the MX is the smallest.

Correct. It does go up to 28 amp.



So you got three types to choose from? Yes. Okay.


And all (the range is) 60 volt except for the mini.

Okay, fantastic.

There's a lot of features. How much will you give that then?

Oh, four and a half.

Yeah. I feel like the Dualtron takes this one out.

Has to, I mean, jeez, two ports and an auxiliary option as well.


Okay. Well that was fun. Tell you what, some good results there.

I’ll admit had a little bit of a surprise. So okay. So from a break test as you'd expect the scooters with full hydraulic brakes did come out the best, which is the Zero and the Inokim. The Zero we’ll give five points too because it had the best stopping power. The Inokim came in second. So we'll give that four.

Beautiful well done.

And then it was, it was really neck and neck with the Dualtron and the Kaabo. The Kaabo does have hydrolic callipers, but it is a standard mechanism and that's full mechanical. So that does have abs.

I’ve got ABS

Yeah. So I think, you know, we'll give both of these three for Kaabo and the Dualtron


It’s still less than the Zero.

Okay. So then we move on. Okay, well here. Okay. Be careful. What you say.


Here we go into the actual really why you buy a scooter - performance. So first of all, we'll just go through the motors. I mean, at standard this is today, twin motors, which pushes out a 3,200 watt peak, the same as the Zero, identical, the Inokim has got the smallest amount of power, two 800 watt motors pushing out about 2,400 watts peak power. The Dualtron has got standard 1200 watt motors pushing out at 3,600 watts. So no surprise there. The Dualtron did take the acceleration test. So we'll have to go four or five points for the Dualtron on acceleration followed by the Zero with the Kaabo pretty much neck and neck from acceleration, so give them both a four.


And then came the Inokim

Negative two.

It wasn't a disaster.

It felt good while I was doing it though.

But you’re used to coming in last so it’s fine.

Okay. So we'll get back. We'll give the Inokim a three. Okay. The hill test.


So again, really power is important for hills, especially when you've got a bit of weight I'm talking from firsthand experience here. So for me, the Kaabo was actually was a bit of a surprise out of the block. It did seem to have a bit more power than the Zero. So, but nevertheless, the Dualtron did just pull away at the end. So four points to the Dualtron. It's a five points, a four for the Kaabo because the Dualtron did just have the Kaabo, and then a solid three for the 10X and then Inokim well, you almost had to push.


Absolutely. So I'm going to give that, give it a one, give it a one.

Participation award.


So let's see how good your (adding up is)


So 15, 19, 23, 26 for the Kaabo Mantis

With the Zero 10X, we go out to five, 10, 13, 18, 21, 25, 29.

And for the Oxo. Bloody half points. What was I thinking? 6, 7.5, 11.5, 15 and a half 18 and point five


And the Dualtron EX - 6, 11, 15, 18, 23, 28, 32. Wow. Well, and truly, I believe with the Dualtron to be ahead of the rest of the game!


Okay. Well, look at the end of the day, all great scooters. You know, we certainly here at iScoot we won't stock anything that we don't think is safe, up to standard and is a obviously a good quality scooter. (They) all have got their different attributes. So for me, I think you can't go wrong with any of them. But nevertheless, from a power performance, Steve, good win there, I think the Kaabo and the Zero..

feel ripped off know, really are pretty close. I mean, even from a looks point of view, they used a similar style of scooter. I've been obviously the Inokim you know, if you like that kind of thing, well kind of suits you Andre, so yeah.


If you're going to cruise, I definitely think it's the scooter, but again, I think it's time to put some money behind them getting some new scooters out there to be completely frank.


That's probably a, you know, just to add a an extra motor on the old model really doesn't cut it. Does it? I think we've proved that today.


No, we've got other designers not as good as designing scooters with two motors from the get go, right? Yeah. Okay. That's it from us. Yeah.

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