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Our Top 25 Electric Scooters For Adults Australia

Adult electric scooters are now commonplace on the personal mobility market, both in Australia and internationally. They differ from an electric scooter for kids because they have larger weight capacity, more powerful motors, larger batteries, larger deck, and a taller stem. An electric scooter for adults can be used for your everyday commute, weekend exploration, after hours recreation with friends, supplemental income, urban mobility and so much more! Give scooters a chance, and they can change your lifestyle.

Whether you’re new to the e scooter world, or a scooter pro – things can get a bit confusing at times when you’re trying to compare all the different brands, battery types, warranty conditions, models and features available. Here at iScoot we’ve put our collective knowledge together and prepared a comprehensive guide on our top 25 electric scooters for adults in 2021.

Scooter categories featuring:

  1. Best Scooter for Speed Demons
  2. Best Commuter Scooter
  3. Best Off-Road
  4. Best Safety Scooter
  5. Recommended for Beginners
  6. Recommended for Eco-Warriors
  7. Recommended for Long Distance
  8. Recommended for Value for Money
  9. Recommended for Hill Climbs
  10. Recommended for Wet Weather
  11. Recommended for Versatility
  12. Recommended for Night Riders
  13. Recommended for Playtime
  14. Recommended for Social Scooters
  15. Recommended for Delivery Drivers
  16. Recommended for Advanced Riders
  17. Recommended for Camping
  18. Recommended for Exercise
  19. Recommended for Manoeuvrability
  20. Recommended for Cost
  21. Recommended for Quick Charge
  22. Recommended for Comfort
  23. Recommended for Easy Storage
  24. Recommended for Rough Roads
  25. Recommended for Security

Best Scooter for Speed Demons - Kaabo Wolf Warrior



Kaabo’s blend of top-quality engineering, stunning design and rideability make for an awe-inspiring ride, which has more than earned its position in our iScoot showroom. Our team has extensively tested Kaabo’s range of electric scooters, and declared the ride to be unquestionably comfy, and positively exhilarating. Now hold onto your handlebars, the Wolf Warrior 11+ is about to blow down your house.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 + is the ultimate vehicle for thrill-seeking, need-for-speed, window shattering fast and furious rides. It’s powered by dual 1200W motors which can output a total of 5400W of instantaneous power.

Its long battery life enables a maximum range of up to 100km, which should keep you scooting gleefully, as all your troubles melt away into a spectacular road experience. Most importantly, the Wolf Warrior’s max speed is around 80 kph, which is tremendously quick in the scooter world, but making it suitable for use on private property only in Australia. (it can be speed-limited).

“But there’s other e scooters that go as fast!” we hear you cry! Yes – the Zero 11x has a max speed of 100 kph, it has the same 150km range as the Wolf Warrior, but the 11x’s max load is 30kg less, and the scooter itself is 6 kg heavier. Both e scooters tested well climbing hills but it comes down to the motor – the Zero 11x has a maximum output of 3200W, while the Wolf Warrior’s powerful motor slays at 5400W. So if you have a need for speed, the Wolf beats the 11X paws down.

Dualtron also offers two high speed models, each with 5400W motors – the Ultra and the Thunder.  Both have top speeds of 80 kph, with a lower range of 110km.  The Dualtrons are also lighter e scooters, with lower max load capacity – which is why we declared the Wolf Warrior the ultimate predator in this class.

All four e scooters are undeniably fast rides, capable of travelling as fast a vehicle – why not try them out and decide for yourself?

Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 46 kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  150 kg
  • Max Range –  100km (Eco Mode)
  • Max Speed – 80kph (Private Use Only)
  • Charging Time –  14-17 hrs
  • Folding system? – Yes

Best Commuter Scooter - Joyor Y/S


The Joyor Y/S is an excellent commuter scooter, with enough power to climb the hills between your home and your office location. It also folds up neatly to take on public transport, and stores easily under your desk or in a locker. At this price, electric scooters are a completely viable alternative to paid car parking, petrol bills and car payments.

With its large aluminium alloy frame, the Joyor body is stronger and the driving more stable. It is equipped with turn signals to make turning and riding safer and also has a larger-capacity battery keeping it running longer.  Your Joyor battery will last up to 70km in eco mode, on a single charge, and the battery can be recharged in 5-8 hours.

Not only will the Joyor Y/S 800W of power easily dominate those hills between you and your destination, it will also zoom you directly past traffic jams, take you to lunch without breaking a sweat or Uber driver, and most importantly it will make your daily commute the highpoint of your day.

Weighing in at just 28 kg, you won’t injure yourself trying to carry it onto a bus, and its 10″ vacuum tyres mean you have more road grip, more stability and a much smoother ride.

Not forgetting its dual shock absorbers; front and rear disc brakes; front, rear and side lights; and DC Brushless Gearless motor – this Joyor can also carry a maximum load up to 150kg, allowing you to carry your work gear with you.

If you’re considering a folding electric scooter to make your daily commute less taxing, then start with the Joyor.

Depending on the length of your daily commute, there are other models that may offer better results for your situation – for example a longer distance commute will require something with a larger range.

The Dualtron EX+ has a range of up to 90km, while remaining relatively light at 27kg, but maintaining enough power to go faster up those hills. Most importantly it’s a foldable electric scooter for use with public transport, or storage when you’re at your day job.

For a shorter commute, you could consider an e scooter like the Unagi E450 Dual Motor. It’s maximum range is almost 25km, but at 10.9kg it’s light as a feather. Combined with the Japanese TORAY carbon fiber stem tube, the amazing one-click folding system and the sleek, futuristic dashboard this makes an awesome shorter commuter scooter.

Not sure which e scooters might be best for your needs? Why not try them out and decide for yourself?

Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 10.9 kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  150 kg
  • Max Range –  7km (Eco Mode)
  • Max Speed – 25kph (limited)
  • Charging Time –  5-8 hrs
  • Folding system? – Yes

Best Off-Road - Dualtron Thunder


The summit in our range of Minimotors, neither mountains nor distance poses much challenge for the Dualtron Thunder. Designed for stability, and with adjustable suspension cartridges you can cruise at a top speed in excess of 65kph, in comfort and safety for up to 90km. Now with optional fingerprint security system, you can be confident that your asset is secure.

The Thunder is currently the newest, most powerful and most successful e scooter for adults ever produced – this one is not for kids.

With a massive 60v 35Ah battery, this electric scooter will transport you smoothly up to 90 km and climb any gradient. The Dualtron Thunder max speed is 80 kph and and has 3 speed modes to optimise your trip. Designed to maximise passenger comfort and ride stability, you can choose to equip your Thunder with 11-inch tubeless off-road, or road tyres and the brand new 15-level adjustable suspension has 45 different combinations – so whatever terrain you’re tearing up, you’ll hardly feel a thing.

Dualtron Thunder offers the ultimate level of off-road safety and stability of any electric scooter in its class – you could look at other models, but personally, we wouldn’t waste time.

There’s a few alternative products that are designed specifically for off-road use. The 10X Black Edition has some great rider feedback, but a shorter range, and not quite as much grunt up hills. Battery charging time is half the Thunder’s, as is motor capacity- so this could be an important factor in your decision.

The Mercane MX60 is another electric scooter that rates highly for off-road users. It’s range is comparable, but it’s top speed is significantly less than the Thunder. A smaller motor output means less battery charge time, and less speed up hills – but it’s all relative to your intended use.

Overall, the sheer power output, and electric-grunt of the Thunder has us declaring it the Best Adult Off-road electric scooter. But don’t take our word for it – come and see it in store today!

Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 46kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity – 120kg
  • Max Range – 70km Upwards
  • Max Speed – 65kph Upwards
  • Charging Time – 10-20 hrs (dual or single charger)
  • Folding? – Yes

Best Safety Scooter - Machine Transporter

Machine electric scooters were born and raised on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, and were developed to attain European-grade engineering standards similar to the automotive industry. All Machine scooters are both tough and safe – a great quality and reliable e scooter, which is not only more resilient than other brands, but riders feel safer riding them.

Don’t be fooled by it’s beautiful exterior – this is absolutely a a carefully crafted piece of mechanical engineering, built to be comfortable over long distances, but the Machines are awesome value for money too.

Today, customers continue to give 5 star reviews, and rider feedback is communicated through to the design and manufacturing team to create not only our next level electric scooter but to build even stronger Machines.

The Machine Transporter is a high end powerful electric scooter initially designed for the European commuter market with its superior build quality, and unrivalled stability making the Transporter ideal for commuting to work as well as a weekend fun explorer.

Having a 150kg max load capacity, 1800 watts of peak power, front and rear suspension, dual disc braking and a large 48-volt LG Lithium power core, the Transporter overall is built very tough and very safe.  Launching you to 25 km/h (45km/h on Private Property*) with a maximum range of 80 km in its eco mode, this scooter feels like a sports car with an unparalleled luxury rider comfort. It’s also more than capable off the beaten track!

Built in USB Port for your devices, and of course, LEDs ensure you are highly visible to others around you.

Colour options are Champagne, Coke Red, Metal Blue and All Black. Other support products available include an optional comfort seat.

Hungry for more info? Come and see us for chat!

Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 20kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  150kg
  • Max Range – 80km (Eco mode)
  • Max Speed – 45kph (private property only)
  • Charging Time –  4-6 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Beginners - Joyor A Series


We live in a dynamic world, where everything around us is subject to change – and this also applies to mobility and your means of transport.

The two models of Joyor A series are designed to handle these changes and provide a great experience for riders, both models being modern, light, fun and resilient – all at the same time.

The Joyor A electric scooter series displays an immaculate new design making it stand out from the competition. Developed to dominate in inner-urban personal mobility, the Joyor A3 is one of the lightest of its class and is unequalled for its power-to-weight ratio.

A major feature of both models are the puncture free 8” solid wheels that every driver dreams about. And the A Series are the only models of Joyor electric scooters that have the motor on the front wheel. This is paired with unique front suspension that softens vibrations while driving, making your journey an incomparable experience.

Bluetooth connectivity and coloured sidelights are other unique features for the models of the A series, giving you the opportunity to customize your electric scooter to your own preferences.

In 4-5 hours you can have your e scooter charged to 100%, turn it on, connect it via Bluetooth, adjust the colours of the ambient sidelights from the LCD screen and enjoy your trip.

Tipping the scales at a sprightly 11kg, it still powers through 20-25km on a single charge. The innovative gooseneck stem design is striking and at the same time incredibly practical – it feels and looks like the robust little unit it claims to be. With a feature list you’d expect to see on a mid-range, 15-20kg+ scooter, the Joyor really is a stunning little commuter model that has really impressed us out of the box.

If you think that 25km’s range might not be far enough for our Australian urban sprawl, it’s a simple matter to add the additional battery pack and upgrade to the Joyor A5 – an easy, affordable upgrade.

The electric scooters of the A series, Joyor A3 and Joyor A5,  have a modern, attractive design and come in various colours that are sure to please everyone. They are light, economical and fast and adaptable to your needs.  Their adjustable colour sidelights will ensure you have a fun, colourful and unique trip every time you go out on the road. Contact us to see if the Joyor A Series is for you.

Electric Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 12-14 kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  120 kg
  • Max Range –  25-35km (Eco Mode)
  • Max Speed – 25kph (limited)
  • Charging Time –  5-7 hrs
  • Folding system? – Yes

Recommended for Eco-Warriors - Machine Vixen City

The Machine Vixen City electric scooter may be lightweight and low impact, but this scooter doesn’t lack anything in the power or comfort department. Dual suspension provides an exceptionally smooth ride, with three speed modes allowing you more control over your power usage. The LEDs installed allow you to zoom safely from home, to the office, and anywhere else you like. Organic cafe anyone?

The Vixen City is a stylishly light design for an electric scooter but is still amazingly powerful! Weighing in at just 17.5kg, it will have you zipping effortlessly to and from your workplace or, taking a leisurely cruise to the nearest cafe, park or yoga studio. Packing a 120kg load capacity, 800 watts of peak power, dual braking for safety, and is loaded with a 48 volt 13amp LG lithium battery pack -this is absolutely an alternative to your small electric car or motorbike, and at this price it’s quite possibly cheaper! No more battling for car parking space, and for longer journeys simply fold your Vixen, and carry on to public transport.

Like all Machines, the Vixen City is built tough and safe – similar to automobile grade standards ensuring your safety which is chief concern. For the smoothest ride in the City, Vixen will power you up to 25kph (40kph on Private Property*)

This is altogether a really carefully crafted piece of light weight mastery, which could be a viable alternative to your vehicle, and an opportunity to step lighter on the planet.

Need something to scoot around in? Ask us how the Vixen might work for you.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 17.5kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity- 120kg
  • Max Range – 50km – 70km
  • Max Speed – 30 – 45kph
  • Charging Time – 4 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Long Distance - Dualtron Ultra


Dualtron Electric Scooters represent the absolute pinnacle of e scooters today – they embody everything that makes a good electric scooter, exhilarating.

Designed to last, with the complete range of accessory products and parts, this really is the finest electric personal mobility available across the world today.

Built for great performance off-road, the Dualtron Ultra v2 can last up to 120km when your battery pack is fully charged (depending on rider and road conditions). With mighty dual motors, and a purpose built suspension system you’ll be cruising calmly through any terrain. A single touch will have your scooter folded up and ready for transport to your next destination.

As one of the best performing electric scooters on the market, the Ultra comes equipped with a superior grade 2072Wh LG MJ1 cell Li-on battery unit. With the substantial 5400W dual motors and 3.9″ wide 11″ off road tires (or you can change to on road tires), your Ultra can ride with high-grip on the dirt road and easily ascend any gradient (up to around 70% gradient) – but if you’re not using the extra grunt for dirt tracks or mountains, you’ll maximise your travelling distance. Your Ultra version 2 can use newly designed axis in rubber suspension, so you will have the most comfortable and smooth riding experience, even on the high speed mode.

With a maximum load Up to 120KG, this little electric beast can carry you, and your backpack of sandwiches a really, really long way before requiring a recharge. Don’t forget the optional comfort seat!

Find out if the Ultra really is “all that” – come and try it for yourself!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 30kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity – 120kg
  • Max Range –  70km upwards
  • Max Speed – 65 kph
  • Charging Time – 10-20 hrs (dual or single charger)
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Value for Money - Xiaomi M365 Pro 2

A hotly contested debate this year – our team nearly came to blows in the lunchroom…

The perception of “value” is very subjective, and often changes based on someone’s purpose for buying a scooter in the first place – we took this to mean most included features, best priced model. And that’s how we’ve come to recommend the Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 the best value electric scooter for adults.

Presenting the new Xiaomi M365 Pro 2, our chosen e scooter for adults looking for the best at an affordable price. This hottest edition of everyone’s beloved urban scooter offers new and improved details like exceptional lighting and new adaptable driving modes.

It’s also one of a very few electric scooters that you can use in low grade water situations – the occasional puddle here and there. In this case, not while raining. There’s about 4 models on the market today that are rated for use around water.

New to the marketplace in 2020, the Xiaomi Pro 2 was modified from the ever-popular M365 Pro, but with advanced safety elements. The Pro 2 is Xiaomi’s premium category e scooter, and comes with Xiaomi’s traditional air-filled tyres and a stylish integrated display. While your Xiaomi’s standard power output is 300W, the motor can unleash up to 600W output in challenging situations, like hills, or quick starts. The Pro 2 also has a larger construction than the base model, so the Pro 2 provides the most stable ride possible from a Xiaomi e scooter.

Now with higher visibility from your front, side and rear reflectors, paired with ultra-bright front and rear lights, the Pro 2 also keeps you safer during your daily and nightly ride. Your Xiaomi’s electronic front brake brings you to a safe, but orderly stop, using a braking system that can recover small amounts of energy and feed it back into the motor. This is called kinetic energy recovery system, then your rear wheels mechanical disk brake keeps you safe as houses.

The Xiaomi Pro 2 enables excellent outcomes – like reaching a good 25 kph as its top speed and travelling to a maximum distance of 45 km (more than average for commuter scooters).

It’s easy to take with you anywhere, weighing in at 14.2 kg, and folding in just 3 seconds. What’s more, you can also change the 21.6-cm pneumatic tyres of the Xiaomi Pro 2 as it comes with a spare. No more worries about tyre emergencies!

Overall, what else could you ask for…

Come and see if the Xiaomi Pro 2 has enough value for you.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 14.2kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  100kg
  • Max Range –  45km
  • Max Speed – 25kph
  • Charging Time – 8.5 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Hill Climbs - Kaabo Mantis Pro Dual Motor


Are you tired of pushing your old electric scooter up gentle inclines? Do you inwardly groan any time you see a slight rise ahead? Maybe you live in a hilly or mountainous area, and so gradients are a daily occurrence? Then the Kaabo Mantis Pro Dual Motor is definitely worth your time.

Dual 1000W motors will power up those hills, and the huge 24.5AH LG battery will free you to travel 90km between charges.

And your mum can rest safely knowing that the full hydraulic braking system will stop your Kaabo scooter from coming to harm if you happen to come zooming down a hill.

But there’s definitely more – 10″ pneumatic wheels will even out the bumpy roads, and the LED head, tail and brake lights will keep you visible to others even in low light, or that mountainous fog. The Mantis Pro has 3 power modes to keep you energy efficient, while the Minimotors display keeps you appraised of your speed, battery level and odometer reading.

Contact us for availability, or to preorder.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  30kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  120kg
  • Max Range –  90km
  • Max Speed – 60kph
  • Charging Time – 10-12 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Wet Weather - Segway Ninebot Max


Most grown adults (and even kids) will know that electricity and water should never be combined – it just ends badly. But what happens if you’ve scooted to work, and it starts to rain just before quitting time?

The great news is that there’s a couple of electric scooters available, which are rated to deal with small amounts of water. It’s called an IP rating, and you can read more specific details about it in our article e scooters and the rain.

So, if you live in a high rainfall area, then the best electric scooter for you may well be the Segway Ninebot Max. It has an IPX7 rating, meaning the scooter has been tested for 30 minutes, in up to 1m of water, and the water ingress has been determined as not harmful to the electric units.

Segway have outdone themselves again – they’ve renovated and enhanced their extremely popular Ninebot Max e scooter to boost the capability of the brushless motor. Paired with upgraded shock absorbers and advanced self-healing flat-free tyres, the Ninebot Max Generation 2 is splash resistant for riding through puddles without risking damage to your scooter. The larger 10″ wheels make for a smooth journey that you’ll love, particularly on longer or rougher excursions.

The multifunctional display keeps you updated on the status of your Ninebot’s power use and speed, but with the included electric charging cables, you’ll be able to recharge quickly and easily -whether you’re at the office, or on another one of your adventures. With a top speed between 25-30kph, and a range of 40km, your Segway Ninebot is perfect for transport, commuting, recreation, or any other use. And when you get wherever you’re going, your Ninebot Max G2 folds up for easy storage in your car, on public transport, or in a closet until you’re ready to ride again. And don’t forget the Ninebot app!

Tired of scooting through rain, panicking about electric shocks?

Visit us, and see if the Segway Ninebot works for you.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 17.5kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  100kg
  • Max Range –  100km
  • Top Speed -25-30 kph
  • Charging Time –  6.5hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Versatility - Bexly Blackhawk


Versatility is what you want, when you’re not sure what you want. You’d like a bit of everything, something just to make sure you keep your options open. Speed, stamina, torque, stopping power, comfort and beauty – all rolled into one awesome electric scooter that could easily knock your socks off.

We can’t think of much that’s faster, steadier, more beautiful, or more deadly than a black hawk. You won’t even feel like you’re heading to work or school when you’re swooping down hills on this beast, but you’ll still look like a grown adult while you’re doing it.

On the Blackhawk, high performance is matched with high power output from the dual 1200W electric motor, controlled by the stopping power of the dual hydraulic brakes. Ride safely into the night (or day) with front and rear LEDs, and anti-slip air rubber tires. Adjustable coil suspension makes the ride smoother than many other e scooters in the top categories, and this scooter is capable of going much faster than legally allowed in a public location.

Alternatively, ride long periods of time comfortably with its massive 60V 21Ah Samsung battery and effortlessly climb up to 20 degree inclines with its adjustable coil suspension.

Your Blackhawk is created for, and focused on providing a safe and stable form of travel, and is constructed of durable materials that provide superior performance.

Looking for something that offers everything?

Come and see whether the Blackhawk is a big enough deal for you

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight – 36kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  120kg
  • Max Range –  40km
  • Top Speed – 25kph
  • Charging Time –  8-10hrs
  • Folding? – Yes


Recommended for Night Riders - Kugoo G Max



If you ride at night, or low level light situations – then you’re going to need an electric scooter that is both highly visible to people around you, as well as provides enough light so you can see where you’re going.

KUGOO is a new brand to the Australian Market and the G-Max was designed for commuting.  With a 500W motor, a speed of 30 km/h, a range of 32 km and all the other bells and whistles, we think the G- Max is already great value for money.

For night time driving, this scooter has a wide array of bright LEDs at the front, lighting your way home and a parking lamp at the rear so you don’t reverse over your neighbour’s wheelie bins. Reflectors are installed on the sides of the electric slide to increase visibility. There’s also an LED strip on the side of the chassis to allow you to be seen in low lights.  This all contributes to safer night riding.

Your G-max’s wide deck with anti-slip coating provides excellent stability and grip for your legs, even if it’s too dark to see them. At the bottom of your deck there is a comfortable parking footrest, which allows you to loop your KUGOO G-Max electric rope easily around any convenient post or pole. There is an information display on your handlebars, showing your speed, battery charge level, mileage, and throttle level.

Your KUGOO G-Max weighs 20 kg and can carry up to 100 kg. It’s equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tires, so it’s easy to get through some of the potholes and small obstacles we find every day on our roads and paths, and powered by a 500W motor that is strong enough to climb 15° slopes.

Is the G-Max illuminating enough for you? Come and try it, and find out!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  20kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  100kg
  • Max Range –  32km
  • Top Speed – 30kph
  • Charging Time –  hrs
  • Folding? – Yes


Recommended for Playtime - Dualtron III


Sure, an e scooter is an important personal mobility device, transporting you safely from Point A to Point B. Everyone knows electric is better than petrol, so it has a lower carbon footprint which makes it enviro-conscious, and you can fold it up and take it on public transport. With all the grown up adult stuff taken care of – a scooter is also just awesome fun!

These things aren’t for kids – they’re most definitely adult amusement. Your scooter can go faster than you can pedal a bike, it’s probably more comfortable and easier to ride. But when you’re planning on cruising the local tracks on an electric scooter, which one is appropriate? Clearly you need something “cool looking” right?

Well, you can’t go past the Dualtron III. The Dualtron III is the third generation of Dualtron Electric Scooters. It is an exceptional compromise to its big brother, the Thunder. It’s slightly smaller size makes it more manoeuvrable, and much easier to handle around sharp turns.

Featuring ABS brakes, folding handlebars, and adjustable suspension, this scooter represents the finest technology in any adult electric scooter available today. The Dualtron III features a 3 step variable suspension system, so you can to adjust your scooter’s riding height according to riding conditions and rider weight. Also, there are 5 replaceable cartridges (additional cartridges are optional) of varying rubber elasticity to customise how plush you want the ride.

The EYE LCD and throttle assembly is your instrument panel for everything you need to know about your electric scooter status. It even includes cruise control, and an optional upgrade to fingerprint lock so only you can unlock your wheels.

Feeling colourful? You can change the colour of the LED lights on the handlebar and base to any colour you can imagine, while the underside of the Dualtron III has blue underglow – Need for Speed style.

Can you handle the Dualtron III? Come and find out.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  36kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  120kg
  • Max Range –  70km upwards
  • Top Speed – 80kph
  • Charging Time –  14hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Social Scooters - Kaabo Mantis Elite Dual Motor

Social and physical distancing will not last forever – and as soon as hanging out with your friends is encouraged again, you need to be ready! Whether you’re looking to travel to and from your meeting places, or maybe you need a new way to chill with your group of friends (2m apart of course) we think the Kaabo Mantis Elite Dual Motor can handle whatever your social life requires.

The Kaabo Mantis Elite Dual Motor is exactly what you want in a relationship. Open, honest, dependable, and durable.  A bit cute to look at, packing some serious electric power beneath the surface.

The Kaabo brand is fast becoming a favourite amongst our customers in Australia, as well as our staff. Kaabo’s combination of superior engineering, eye-catching design and rideability make for an awesome product, which has more than earned its spotlight in our store showroom. We’ve put Kaabo’s extensive range of e scooters through some exhaustive road tests, and found the ride to be undeniably comfortable, and positively “electric”.

The folks at Kaabo have upgraded the battery on the Mantis Elite, for longer charge cycles (still recharging within 8 hours on a standard electric charging point), and reliable lifetime performance. A longer range model, the Mantis Elite has a maximum range of up to 80km, with spring suspension front and rear ensuring rider comfort. Who said electric scooters were for kids?!

The Mantis Elite Dual Motor – has two 1000W motors, so if your friends also have scooters (but lesser types), you’ll quite possibly force them to eat your dust. Alternatively, you can choose one of your 3 power settings, and cruise along with them taking in the atmosphere at a park, beach or socially distant place of your choosing.

Sound good? Why not swipe right today? We’re all adults here!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  30kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  80km
  • Top Speed – 60kph (Private Property only)
  • Charging Time –  6-8 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Delivery Drivers - Dualtron 2 Ex+


With today’s flourishing online shopping, and online delivery industry – whether it’s take away food, groceries, gifts, packages or other items people used to go to a shop for – it makes sense to think about ditching that exhausting pedal bike you use now, or that cumbersome motorbike, and trading up to an electric scooter. State regulations permitting, there’s potential for a scooter to be a much faster and efficient delivery method around your local community.

If you love the independence of the Dualtron 2 MX, but crave a longer battery life – then the Dualtron 2 EX+ is the solution. Both models use a dual motor, ABS disc brakes and both dominate on offroad terrain, or any kind of unpredictable ground.

One of our favourite models, the Dualtron 2 EX+ has a top speed of 65kph, a choice of eco mode if you need to conserve your battery, and folds up neatly so you can transport it, or store it when you’re not zooming around delivering products. The super-safe mechanical disk brakes both front and rear, and electronic motor braking system provides added safety while you’re working hard, and zooming past traffic jams.

Max load is up to 120kg, so plenty of capacity if you’re carrying food or other items for delivery. Most importantly, the Dualtron 2 EX+ can carry you up to 90klm (in Eco mode) before needing to recharge – how many trips around the city is that? The 10″ pneumatic tyres, and front and rear cantivered suspension will soften your ride enough that you won’t feel like you’ve been shaken (or stirred) at the end of your shift.

A Dualtron 2 EX+ is an affordable way to get your feet wet in the professional electric scooter field – Try it out now.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  28kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  90km (Eco mode)
  • Top Speed – 65kph
  • Charging Time – 9-13hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Advanced Riders - Zero 11x Black Edition


The specs of the Zero range provide a beautifully balanced electric scooter for every rider. The optimum ratio between power, autonomy, comfort and price is right here in Zero; possibly our most successful and popular brand. The Zero electric scooters are standing both the test of time and terrain. The battery has been built right into the deck and boasts LG-branded lithium-ion cells which will suit both long and hilly journeys. Zero also offers a great variety of accessories allowing you to make your Zero electric scooter truly customised, and just one of the reasons we recommend the 11X for Advanced Riders only.

The Zero 11X Black Edition is Zero’s new model, and it’s most ludicrous – with two 1600W motors giving it a max power output of 5600w rocketing it to a max speed of 100 km/h, making it one of the fastest electric scooters available on the market. The high-capacity LG 72 / 36H lithium-ion battery lets you travel a maximum range up to 150km, depending on travel conditions.

Flaunting a dual hydraulic brake system with disc brakes (front and rear) and an additional electric brake for extreme stopping control, your comfort is still not compromised with rear and front suspension paired with 11-inch air tyres.

Riding at night is lit by four headlamps at the front and two at the rear, and your 11X Black Edition steering wheel is foldable for easier transportation by car.

The total scooter weight is 52kg, so not normally the sort of thing you can throw onto a bus easily, but maximum load is still up to 120kg.

Overall, the speed and power of this electric scooter make it suited to more experienced, and advanced riders who can control it. Definitely not for kids, or adults with high blood pressure!

And remember – iScoot offers a trade-up programme for your old ride.

Can you handle the Zero limitation of the 11X Black Edition? Contact us for more info.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  52kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  150km
  • Top Speed – 100kph
  • Charging Time –  15-20 hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Camping - Kaabo Wolf Warrior Delta

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Delta – the ultimate Off Road Scooter that’s not for the faint of heart. Take to the trails and mean business with the Delta’s superior performance capabilities.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Delta is an unrivalled predator when it comes to off road electric scooting. Dual batteries, huge range on a full battery charge, awesome brakes and 11″ mud tyres will have you zooming through the countryside without borders. Front independent and rear dual spring suspension makes your Wolf Warrior 11 Delta a breathtaking ride. If you need an electric scooter for your next trekking expedition, the Wolf Warrior 11 might just eat the competition.

Beat all levels of terrain with the massive 1200W Dual Motors and two untamed models: the Wolf 11 Delta and Wolf 11 Plus+. Featuring a 25AH or 35AH Lithium battery the Wolf Warrior can deliver incredible range on one charge, perfect for any voyage.

All Wolf Warrior Models possess a rugged aluminium design, 11″ off road mud tyres, super bright headlights, automotive grade electric horn and hydraulic brakes.

Select your power mode depending on your need – single motor / dual motor / Eco / Turbo, and your Delta is also a shining light in the darkness, with front LED, blue side LED and rear tail / brake lights for travel through those dark forests on your way to grandmas house.

The Delta features cruise control for your longer treks, and has optional accessories such as handle bar bags for your camera, electric horn alarms for wildlife, phone holders & more.

Can you tame the Electric Wolf?  Contact us for details.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  44kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  100km
  • Top Speed – 80kph
  • Charging Time –  10-17hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Exercise - Kaabo Skywalker


So it could be that you’ve added some extra COVID kilos during your recent lockdown, and now you need some new types of exercise to shake off your isolation weight (maybe we should start a quarantine kilo club…) You “could” join a sweaty, busy, crowded gym – or maybe you’d prefer to take up electric scooting in the fresh, clean outdoors?

It’s not a traditional method of weight loss, but it will most certainly keep you active and moving. Standing while you scoot, leaning into the turns, bending for bumps, kicking-off and extra power-bursts going up hills – all cardio activity!

For this type of purpose, we’d recommend looking at a Kaabo Skywalker 10H or 10C. With a rear 800W motor, this new addition to the Kaabo range has dual shocks and 10″ tyres that will keep your ride smooth and comfortable. For a well priced scooter, and without going mad, this is a perfect light entry point for new to medium riders.

The Skywalker is better suited for longer distance trips, and has 3 power modes to choose from, so your maximum range of 50km will depend on how hard and fast you ride. Total scooter weight is 21.5kg, so it’s not a heavy-weight but it will still carry up to 120kg. And of course it’s a folding electric scooter, so you can pack it into the car and transport it to an appropriate place for your ride.

With all the usual extras – LEDs, awesome battery, disc brakes – the Skywalker is as stunning as your abs are going to be.

Why not check the Kaabo Skywalker out? Contact us for a test ride.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  21.4kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  50km
  • Top Speed – 42kph
  • Charging Time –  4-6hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Manoeuvrability - Dualtron Eagle Pro


Dualtron Electric Scooters embody everything that makes a good electric scooter, a seriously awesome electric personal mobility device.

The Dualtron Eagle is an awesome all-rounder e scooter, providing an enjoyable ride in all conditions. Easily controllable, smooth on the acceleration, and great stability even at top speeds. ABS brakes are available so you can feel like you’re soaring like an Eagle, without compromising on safety.

The Eagle Pro fits under our “Performance” category because it does just that -Performs.

The 3600W Max BLDC Dual HUB motor (dual 1800W) is very responsive to the throttle, and can handle gradients of approx. 45%. Front and rear disc brakes give you excellent stopping power, and weighing in at just 29kg, the Eagle Pro is very light on it’s feet and capable of zig-zagging (unlike Rickon Stark). Oh and a 22.4Ah LG so your battery life will be longer than Ned Stark’s.

On private property, you could reach top speeds of 65kph before you fold up your handlebars and steering tube, pack your Eagle into your car and head home.

Dualtrons have a huge range of accessories and parts available for you to upgrade or customise your ride, exactly as you choose. From comfort seats, kickstands, deck liners, handlebar grips, brake pads and different tyres – you decide what works best.

Can you out manoeuvre the Eagle Pro? Come and find out.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  29kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  80km
  • Top Speed -75kph
  • Charging Time –  9hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Cost - Bexly 8


While the Bexy 8 is not “the” lowest priced available in the electric vehicle industry, this is the scooter for you if you want a lightweight, versatile, cost-effective scooter for adults.

Bexly’s focus is on reliability, performance and safety. Did you know the Bexly electric Scooters come from the same factory as the Zero Range! Both are highly respected, with high quality electric products and outcomes.

We’ve already said the Bexly 8 is lightweight and adaptable, and such exceptional value for money that the user reviews are coming thick and fast!

With a very reasonable 500W motor and rear drum brake, it will scoot easily to a range of up to 25kms on one single battery charge. LED front and rear lights improve safety at night, and its coil suspension and 8″ tyres make it more comfy to ride than other e scooters in similar categories.

The Bexly 8 is adaptable and cost-effective e scooter – at only 18 KG it’s an easy one if you’re commuting, and need to take on the bus or train, and travel to your office. The Bexley 8 folds within seconds, for simple storage until you’re ready to use it again.

Maximum load up to 100kg, range up to 25km, and a maximum speed up to 25kph – this was designed for scooting shorter distances, around the inner city, on sealed roads or tracks. If that’s what you need, then the Bexly 8 would be a perfect match!

Is the Bexly 8 what you’re looking for? Come and test ride today!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  18kg
  • Maximum Load – 100kg
  • Max Range –  25km
  • Top Speed – 25kph
  • Charging Time –  4-6hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Quick Charge - Mercane Pro Dual Wide Wheel


Known for it’s widewheel models, Mercane wide wheel electric scooters lack for nothing in power, braking performance, or ride quality. The Mercane casting methods are also famous for making their scooters strong, and extremely durable, with an enhanced riding experience and motor life cycle. Wheel assemblies are designed to adjust to uneven terrain, and the high quality front and rear suspension keeps you scooting smoothly in the most demanding terrain.

This is the 2020 model, which has some fabulous new enhancements that makes this an excellent choice of scooter for adults – particularly if fast charging is one of your main concerns. It has two powerful 500W motors, an upgraded 15.0Ah lithium-ion battery – so while it’s designed for incredible power, speed and strong acceleration, your top speeds are 40kph (Eco mode) and 70kph (Power Mode) when your battery is fully charged. This is lower than the “speedy” models, but still quite fast enough for many adults, particularly here in Australia when most states limit speeds to 25kph in public.

The Mercane offers multiple driving modes – such as Eco and Power – giving you control over your power usage. But a full charging time (0-100%) is 8 Hours on a standard electric outlet, which is very nice for a battery of this size, and a scooter of this power, particularly when compared to other scooters with the same battery size.

There are scooters that have shorter charge times, but their range and power is greatly diminished. You could also consider a scooter with the ability to swap the battery over while you’re out and about – so you can carry a spare charged battery with you. Overall though – the Mercane is the one we’d suggest as a starting point.

If you have particular requirements, then come and see us for an individual chat about your needs.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  24kg
  • Maximum Load –  100kg
  • Max Range –  70km
  • Top Speed – 45kph
  • Charging Time –  8hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Comfort - Mercane Jubel

The Jubel is the new widewheel electric scooter in the Mercane range, the 12″ air tyre offering fantastic grip for an enhanced riding experience.

With a front drum and rear disc braking system, the Jubel is a nice easy widewheel ride. Weighing in at just 22kg, with an unbeatable price this scooter is also well-suited for commuting.

The Jubel’s 48V 15Ah battery has a maximum range of up to 60km, and 2 speed modes to optimise your battery usage. Your single motor 48V 500W installed in the rear can speed you up to 30kph on private property, and your front drum/ rear disc brake will ensure you stop safely. The Jubel’s acceleration is very, very, smooth even when carrying its maximum load of 120kg.

Don’t forget the Mercane Jubel has an extra wide deck, making it easy and comfy to ride without feeling like you’re walking a tightrope. And when you’re done cruising the world, the Jubel charges within 5-7 hours while you slumber peacefully.

Is your ride comfy enough? Come and try the Jubel today.

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  22kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  60km
  • Top Speed – 30kph
  • Charging Time –  5-7hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Easy Storage - Unagi E450 Dual Motor


Unagi e scooters surpass all expectations when it comes to appearance, performance and convenience – they’re known as your personal liberation device.

Known around our office as “The Tesla”, this is a product of cutting-edge materials, improved technology, and thousands of engineering hours. This all produces a dual motor, zero-emission electric scooter that travels long distances on a single electric charge, surmounts hills without difficulty, and floats over gruelling road surfaces – then folds up neatly when it’s done.

It has a fantastic motor you will love, with it’s ergonomically optimized dual electronic anti-lock brakes bringing confidence that you’ll come to a complete stop within 3.9m. And with a push of one button, your Unagi patented stainless steel hinge system folds and locks in one smooth, reassuring click, to store practically anywhere until you’re ready for your next adventure.

Every inch of the carbon fibre Unagi Tesla is designed with longevity, structural integrity and a stunning aesthetic in mind, for an overall ride experience like no other. Your Unagi E450 weighs 10.9 kg, and has three riding modes so you can adjust your power usage.

Also including some great safety elements – flush mounted 47 lumen LED headlight, rear blinking red LED, and the incredible handlebar. Integrated into the magnesium alloy top bar is your intuitive dashboard throttle, brake, horn, and LED headlight. It’s your sleek, integrated command centre, without bulky electric wires or annoying consoles.

Unagi have created a scooter that exceeds all expectations when it comes to functionality and design – Come and see what it’s packing today!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  10.9kg
  • Maximum Load –  100kg
  • Max Range –  25km
  • Top Speed – 25kph
  • Charging Time –  4-5hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Rough Roads - Mercane MX60


Whatever the riding conditions, the Mercane MX60 dual motor system can carry you comfortably up to 100km, and deliver you safely to your destination before you take your battery out from your scooter for easy recharging. The MX60 may be one of the largest electric scooters on the market, but it’s folding mechanism makes it easy to store, and as all Mercanes, the MX60 is as solid as it looks, and built to last.

An all terrain scooter, the MX60 has dual motors, and is constructed to be practically bulletproof. With it’s awesome battery range, hill climbing poses no problems and it’s larger deck feels like it floats on the dual air shocks with damping control system. This electric scooter steers like a dream, while the front and rear brake disc system ensures a safer thrill ride. Each of the three power modes can be used to maximise your speed, battery level or power and the touch of a button (even while you’re in-transit). Additionally, each of these power modes can be used with either single or dual motors engaged.

With comfort levels this high, this scooter is perfect for long rides, so the MX60 has a max range of 100Km and the battery can be removed from the scooter to conveniently charge wherever you like on a standard electric outlet.

With it’s responsive steering and superb braking performance, the MX60 delivers a confident ride and the bright LED head and tail lights ensure you will stay safe too.

If the road ahead of you is rough – maybe you should consider the Mercane MX60.  Contact us for a test ride today

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  27kg
  • Maximum Load/weight capacity –  120kg
  • Max Range –  100km
  • Top Speed – 60kph
  • Charging Time –  6-8hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Recommended for Security - Bexly 10


The Bexly 10 flaunts a massive 1000W of power that will propel you to its top speed in seconds.

Sporting a 10” tyre, a large deck and upgraded key ignition. It truly is an awesome Long Commuter model.

Slightly smaller than the other Bexly’s, but no less breathtaking, the Bexly 10 has 1000W of power, which is still plenty to get you to top speed in seconds. On a single charge, your Bexly has a maximum range of 45km on the massive 52V 18.3 battery. Paired with the larger tyres this is a fabulous longer range commuter model, which is built for stability and stamina over speed. Large disc brakes improve stopping power, and front and rear integrated spring suspension provides some next level comfort.

The front and rear integrated spring suspension provides maximum rider comfort – The Bexly 10 will provide strong traction and stability coupled with electric excitement and comfortability!

Looking for something with a little extra? The Bexly range covers everything from entry level to extreme operators. Review the chart below to see where you fit in or visit our buyers guide to help you compare.

Or come visit us in store to see if the Bexly is right for you!

E Scooter Specifications

  • Scooter Weight –  23kg
  • Maximum Load –  120kg
  • Max Range –  45km
  • Top Speed – 45kph
  • Charging Time –  8hrs
  • Folding? – Yes

Electric Scooter For Adults – In Conclusion

So as we conclude the infamous 2021, and look to 2021 to provide a new and better future for all of us – we at iScoot like to reflect on what has made us happy, and what will continue to keep us excited about the world of electric scooters.

Nobody would deny the massive changes that our entire planet, and local community has gone through. Our world today is almost unrecognizable from what it looked like 12 months ago. But there are still things that continue, and will always continue. That feeling you get when you and your buddies finally get together over a coffee. Watching younger kids finally manage to ride a bike without training wheels. Or maybe it’s the electric zap of adrenalin when you cut loose from the daily grind, and go cruising on the open footpath on your very own awesome electric scooter. Feeling the sun across your face, and the wind rushing past – it’s a special experience.

And we take that seriously here, helping to make sure that the scooter you choose matches your needs – do you need a lightweight, foldable electric scooter that you can carry up stairs to store in your office? Are you looking for your first electric scooter and need something that’s easy to handle, and won’t get away from you? Or maybe you’re an experienced rider, and ready to upgrade to a ludicrous speed-demon, that’s capable of chewing up your old ride, and spitting it out?

Everybody is different, and what suits one person might not suit another. That’s why we offer a test-ride, so you can get a feel for your new ride before you purchase. Because you can read all the customer reviews on the internet, and everyone’s experience will be different, so until you try it yourself you’ll never really know.

With so many different deals and varieties around today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information, which is why we’ve prepared this article, to filter and sort them for your specific needs, and match you with relevant products.

So come on down to one of our locations, and chat with our team about current deals. Ask us about our Warranty, our Free Lifetime Servicing, and remember our trade-up offer, for when your skills have grown beyond that starter model.

We offer express delivery Australia wide, including; Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and more.

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