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Our Top 25 Electric Scooters For Adults Australia

Adult electric scooters are now commonplace on the personal mobility market, both in Australia and internationally. They differ from an electric scooter for kids because they have larger weight capacity, more powerful motors, larger batteries, larger deck, and a taller stem. An electric scooter for adults can be used for your everyday commute, weekend exploration, after hours recreation with friends, supplemental income, urban mobility and so much more! Give scooters a chance, and they can change your lifestyle.

Whether you’re new to the eScooter world, or a scooter pro – things can get a bit confusing at times when you’re trying to compare all the different brands, battery types, warranty conditions, models and features available. Here at iScoot we’ve put our collective knowledge together and prepared a comprehensive guide on our top 25 electric scooters for adults in 2022.

Scooter categories featuring:

  1. Best Scooter for Speed Demons: Kaboo Wolf King 11 GT
  2. Best Commuter Scooter: E-Glide Ultra
  3. Best Off-Road: Dualtron Thunder 2
  4. Best Safety Scooter: Kugoo G2 Pro
  5. Recommended for Beginners: Benelle S350
  6. Recommended for Eco-Warriors: Mercane Jubel
  7. Recommended for Long Distance: Dualtron X2
  8. Recommended for Value for Money: Segway Max G30L
  9. Recommended for Hill Climbs: Carbon Nitro
  10. Recommended for Wet Weather: Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 GT
  11. Recommended for Versatility: Bexly 10
  12. Recommended for Night Riders: Machine Fox Dual
  13. Recommended for Playtime: Dualtron Thunder 2
  14. Recommended for Social Scooters: Carbon Oxy
  15. Recommended for Delivery Drivers: Dualtron Storm Limited
  16. Recommended for Advanced Riders: 11X Black Edition
  17. Recommended for Camping: Kaboo Wolf Warrior X Plus
  18. Recommended for Exercise: Benelle GT800
  19. Recommended for Manoeuvrability: Dualtron City
  20. Recommended for Cost: Bexly 8
  21. Recommended for Quick Charge: Mercane Wide Wheel
  22. Recommended for Comfort: Neozin Orno
  23. Recommended for Easy Storage: E-Glide Swift
  24. Recommended for Rough Roads: Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11 GT
  25. Recommended for Security: Bexly 10

Best Scooter for Speed Demons - Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT

 Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT

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If adrenaline and speed is your idea of fun Kaabo has built the perfect scooter for you. Boosting dual 2000 watt powerful motors the Wolf King 11 GT has the perfect combination of speed and power. This scooter is not recommended for a beginner rider or someone who is simply looking to get from A to B. It has a very fast top speed too up to 100 km/h.

The Wolf King 11 GT has a range of up to 180 km on a single charge which is due to its huge 72 volt 35 Ah batteries. It’s also equipped to be taken off road on thrill-seeking adventure thanks to it’s large 11’ pneumatic tyres that have enough grip to take on any terrain your will to try. And, it’s not just the types that can handle off-roading, the suspension is also perfect for soaking up lumps and bumps in the road with it’s front hydraulic suspension and a rear spring suspension.

Kaabo knows that off-roading can get wet - especially when the rider is speeding through puddles and trails at high speed. In fact, most dare devil off-roaders seek out terrains like this - so they made sure that the Wolf King 11 GT has an impressive water resistance rating of IPX5 which means small puddles or unexpected water will be no issue for this scooter.

Kaabo Wolf King 11 GT Specifications
Brand Kaabo
Model Wolf King 11 GT
Max Speed* 100km/h (limited to 25km/h)
Max Range* 180km
Motor Dual 2000 Watts
Battery 72V 35AH LG M50/SAMSUNG 50E (21700 CELLS)
Charge Time 11.6 hours and can be halved with dual chargers
Tyres 11” Pneumatic
Braking System Full Hydraulic Brakes

Best Commuter Scooter - E-Glide Ultra

E-Glide Ultra

SHOP e-GLIDE ULTRA and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

When looking for a commuter scooter there are a few important factors that are usually sought out. 

Some of these features include a lightweight scooter, great folding capabilities, a quick charging time, an impressive range, enough power to travel at a decent speed, a smooth ride and safe braking. Luckily the team at E-Glide knows all these factors and has created one of the best commuter scooters on the market with their introduction of the Ultra.

The E-Glide Ultra weighs a light 18.4 kg which is extremely light for its strong 600-watt motor that is capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 km/h. It can be easily folded in seconds which is perfect for bringing into your place of work or putting it in the boot of your car. 

E-Glide has made sure to put a large enough battery that can carry its rider for up to 70km on a single charge. The Ultra was also made so it can reach a full charge in less time than a day's work; in about 6 hours. 

This scooter comes equipped with regenerative braking so it will get even more distance out of each charge due to every time the brakes are pressed, that friction is turned into energy and charges the battery.  

One of the best features this scooter has to offer is its connectivity to the KingSong smartphone app. This app is the perfect way to turn your normally boring commute into a fun experience with its features of real-time riding stats, diagnostics and even a camera to share your ride with others on the app.

e-Glide ULTRA Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand e-Glide
Max Speed* 40km/h
Max Range* 70km
Motor 600 Watt Rear
Battery 48 Vott 13.5 Ah
Charge Time 6 hours
Tyres 10” Pneumatic
Braking System Mechanical Front Drum + E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system

Best Off-Road - Dualtron Thunder 2

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter - In Store Only

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When Dualtron decides to build a scooter, they almost always create one of the best vehicles in the given category. The Thunder 2 was designed for all types of conditions but really excels over other scooters on the market when it is ridden off-road.

The Thunder 2 is great at offroading roads for multiple reasons. To start, it has a climb rating that is 70% which should be plenty of climbing power to tackle most terrains on offer. It also comes equipped with a dual hub motor that can generate up to 10,080 watts of power. The insane amount of power that a motor of that size generates is almost unheard of, but off-roaders won’t be complaining about the substantial oomph this scooter can deliver.

When riding off-road there will be plenty of circumstances where strong braking power is absolutely essential. Fortunately, the Thunder 2 has got a great hydraulic braking system and huge 160mm disks. This combination will have enough stopping power to handle the even high speed braking, firmly and safely. Dualtron has also added an optional ABS system which helps to stop the vehicle from skidding out.

What would an off road scooter be without a strong frame, great tyres and an amazing suspension? Well, probably a commuter scooter! The team over at Dualtron are well aware of this and have equipped the Thunder 2 with 11’ ultra wide tubeless tyres and a frame and handles that are aviation grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloyed. It also has a shaft that is SCM440 steel and strong rubber suspension that can be changed with 5 different cartridges to match your suspension needed. All of these elements ensure that the Dilation Thunder 2 is a top level scooter that’s practically unbreakable and can handle any terrain easily.

The Mercane MX60 is another electric scooter that rates highly for off-road users. Its range is comparable, but its top speed is significantly less than the Thunder 2. A smaller motor output means less battery charge time, and less speed up hills – but it’s all relative to your intended use.

Overall, the sheer power output, and electric-grunt of the Thunder has us declaring it the Best Adult Off-road electric scooter. But don’t take our word for it – come and see it in store today!

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Dualtron
Model Thunder 2
Braking System Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
Motor Up to 10,080 watts from BLDC dual hub motors
Battery 72 volt - 40 Ah - LG M50T cells
Charge Time 28h Standard Charger | 14h with 2x Standard Chargers | Fast Charge 6h
Max. Range 170km  (Range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)
Climbing Grade 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Top Speed Limited to 25 ( 88 km/h on private property)

Best Safety Scooter - Kugoo G2 Pro

Kugoo G2 Pro

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When it comes to any type of motorised transport, safety is obviously extremely important. This is especially true when using a scooter because the rider is exposed to elements and there isn’t added protection between the rider and the road, as there is in a car.

Thankfully, the team at Kugoo created the G2 Pro with safety in mind - and they’ve done a great job ensuring that all bases are covered.

The G2 is equipped with a variety of different safety lighting all over the electric scooter to ensure it’s well lit at night at that riders can easily be spotted even in the darkest environment  It also has a reflective strip that lines the wide 10 platform deck. This helps the deck to glow from all angles and is paired with a large LED front light.

This scooter is capable of reaching speeds of 50 km/h with its 750 watt motor. While it’s not the fastest scooter on the market, it still has the ability to reach substantial speeds. It’s also been equipped with extra wide 10inch tyres that are able to comfortably handle its top speed. Kugoo didn’t miss a beat when it came to installing great brakes either. The G2 Pro has disk and electric braking that will bring the rider to a safe stop at the touch of a button or pull of a handle.

Hungry for more info? Come and see us for chat!

Kugoo G2-Pro Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Kugoo
Model Kugoo G2 Pro
Max Speed 50kms
Max Distance 50kms
Braking System Disc and Electronic Brakes
Motor 750 Watt
Battery 48v/13ah
Charging Time 4-6 Hrs

Recommended for Beginners - Benelle S350


SHOP BENELLE S350 and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

Entering the world of electric scooters can be a daunting task. With so many brands and options available on the market, it can be hard to choose the right scooter. If you’re a beginner when it comes to electric scooters, we recommend choosing a scooter that is safe and easy to use, but one that you’ll still be able to use as you become more confident in your skills. That is why we have chosen the Benelle S350 as our scooter of choice for the most highly recommended scooter for a beginner.

The S350 is made to be ridden with ease. It has a 350 watt brushless motor that will reach the speed of 25 km/h and a respectable battery with 36V 6Ah that will have a range of 20-25km per 3-4 hours charge. 

One of the features that make the Benelle so easy to ride is its 8.5 inch Pneumatic tyres.  These impressive tyres leave the rider feeling in control, and the scooter has dual shocks to ensure the scooter will soak up lumps and bumps in the road and won’t scare or confuse the rider.

The S350 is also equipped with strong disk braking that is known to last much longer than other brakes that are available on the market.  Benelle has also added an easy to read LCD that will provide battery life, mileage speed and headlight on/off.

Benelle S350 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Benelle
Model S350
Max Speed* (LIMITED TO 25 KM/H) 25Km/h
Max Range* 20>25
Battery 36V 6.0AH
Charge Time 3-4 HOURS
Motor 350 Watt Brushless
Braking System Disc Brakes
Climbing Grade 15% Climbing Slope

Recommended for Eco-Warriors - Mercane Jubel

Mercane Jubel

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With today's rising fuel prices teamed with the increased awareness about protecting our environment, electric scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. Of all the scooters on the market, the most eco-friendly one out there is the Mercane Jubel.

The Jubel is the best scooter for an eco-warrior because of its environmentally features, like the eco-mode option, which helps to make the vehicle into one of the most energy-efficient scooters there available. 

When this mode is selected, the Jubel is capable of travelling 50-60 km on a single charge. While this range may not sound overwhelmingly far, it’s important to keep in mind that the Mercian Jubel is able to travel this distance on its eco-friendly 48 volt 15Ah  battery this is unheard of. 

This impressive range can also be accredited to its extra-large 12-inch air tyres that give this scooter the ability to glide well, cutting down on battery usage.

The 800-watt motor will have a rider reaching speeds of 43 km/h and climbing hills with the same ease as an off-road scooter. The team at Mercane made sure there will be no problem stopping this impressive speed with its strong front drum brakes and rear disk brakes.

Need something to scoot around in? Ask us how the Jubel might work for you.

Mercane Jubel Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Mercane
Model Jubel
Max Speed* 25Km/h Speed Limited (43Km/h+ Private use)
Max Range*
Battery 48V 15Ah
800 Watt BLDC Hub Motor rear
Braking System Front Drum + Rear Disc Brakes

Recommended for Long Distance - Dualtron X2 Up

Dualtron X2 UP

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If you're looking for a scooter that can ride long distances, then the Dualtron X2 is a great choice. The brand has created the X2 with performance in mind and one of the performance-related aspects of the Dualtron x2  is the long-distance it can travel on a single charge.

The Dulatron X2 has an almost unheard of max range of 140 km when eco mode is utilised. Plus, if the rider likes to switch between riding long distances and riding shorter distances at high speeds, then the Dualtron X2 fits the brief. It gives riders the option to turn on turbo mode, which can reach a white-knuckling 110km/h, although this mode will lower its range to 70 km - which is still longer than most other scooters on the market.

The Dualtron X2’s extensive and length range can be attributed to its huge 72 volt 45Ah battery that can be charged in around 8 hours. 

Find out if the X2 Up really is “all that” – come and try it for yourself!

Dualtron X2 UP Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Dualtron
Model X2 UP
Max Speed* (LIMITED TO 25 KM/H) Over 110km/h on Private Property
Max Range* 140km on Eco mode, 70km Turbo mode
Battery Main: 72V/45AH LG Li-ion | Sub: 12V/16AH
Charge Time Main: 8H+ | Sub: 1.7H+
Braking System

Recommended for Value for Money - Segway Ninebot Max G30L

Segway Ninebot Max G30L Electric Scooter

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There are thousands of scooters available on the market today, and often, it can be hard to tell if a scooter sits in a lower price range because its quality is sub-par, or if it’s just great value for money.

To help you figure this out, we have gone through our wide range of scooters and found the best value for your money: the Segway Max G30L.

The Nineboy Max G30L has got it all: impressive features paired with a price tag that’s affordable. Most other scooters that sit in the same price range as the Segway Ninebot Max G30L don’t even have half of the great features that are packed in this valuable scooter.

One of the many great features of this scooter is its water-resistant rating of IPX5, which means it can handle a bit of wet weather. Another desirable feature is its speed limit and climbing ability;  it can reach speeds of 25 km/h and can tackle hills with ease up to 20% climbing grade.

What really separates this electric scooter from others in its price class is its 10-inch pneumatic tyres that provide a very smooth riding experience. Additionally, it has a cruise control feature that makes long rides a breeze as riders won’t need to hold a throttle for countless hours.

The Ninebot Max G30L braking system is state of the art with a dual braking system and regenerative braking that will charge the battery while braking. The scooter also comes with the ability to connect to the Ninebot app to check ride times, battery life and speeds by using Bluetooth.

Come and see if the Segway Ninebot Max G30L has enough value for you.

Segway Ninebot Max G30L Specifications
Brand Segway Ninebot
Model Max G30L
Max Speed*
25 km/h
Max Range*
40 km Max Range (Actual Range Varies)

36V 10200mAh

Max Charging Voltage: 42V

Charge Time

6h Fast Charging


350 Watt

Braking System

Dual Brakes

Climbing Grade

20% Climbing Slope

Recommended for Hill Climbs -  Carbon Nitro

Carbon Nitro Electric Scooter

SHOP CARBON NITRO and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

If you’re an avid fan of riding your scooter off-road - and love a bit of extra power under your feet - then the Carbon Nitro is probably a great fit for you. It's rated one of the best hill climbing scooters on the market and can easily conquer a 30 degree hill. The ease of this climb is largely due to the strong dual 1200 watt motors that have a combined power of 3800, and its massive 52V 23Ah battery.

Carbon designed the Nitro specifically for Australian conditions - ensuring that it could easily tackle rugged conditions. The braking system is another great feature, it has dual disk braking, which has great longevity because the disks wear out much slower than the majority of other brakes available. Firm and high-quality brakes are essential for riders looking to tackle hills because they will not only be heading up steep inclines but gliding down them too! The capabilities of the Nitro’s brakes don’t just stop at the firm and strong brakes either - they also utilised a kinetic energy system which regenerates energy from the braking system that works to recharge the battery as the brakes are applied.

The Nitro has high quality 10 inch tyres and two spring shocks in the front and the rear that will provide the smoothest ride in its class and even has the capabilities to go off-road if that is more your style.

Furthermore, Carbons come with a great warranty. For the majority of their scooters, they offer a three-year guarantee to make sure riders have peace of mind when purchasing their products.

Carbon Nitro Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Carbon
Model Nitro
Braking System Disk Brakes Dual and electric re-gen
Motor Dual 1200 Watt
Battery 52V 23Ah
Charge Time 6-15h
Climbing Grade Up to 30 Degrees
Max Speed* (Limited to 25) Private use up to 75km

Recommended for Wet Weather - Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT

 Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT

SHOP KAABO WOLF WARRIOR 11 GT and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

Electric items and water aren’t normally associated with each other - and most people often assume electric items cannot be used in water. While this is the case a lot of the time, it couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to the Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT electric scooter.

Kaabo has equipped this electric scooter with a new ECU box designed especially for keeping water out of all of the compartments that would be exposed to the elements on most other scooters.

The designers of the Wolf Warrior 11 GT have also taken waterproofing very seriously. They’ve made their scooter much more waterproof than most others on the market, giving it a very high  water resistance rating of IPX5. These help to protect the strong (and valuable!) dual 1200 motors from water damage.

Of course, ensuring an electric scooter can handle water well is closely linked to off-roading. In many cases, when an electric scooter is taken off-road, it will come into contact with water, whether it be puddles, creeks or rain. 

This has been taken into account with the Wolf Warrior GT, which was been designed to be a great off-roading vehicle. There have been 11” pneumatic tyres with extra grip for terrain added, as well as front hydraulic and rear spring suspension that will have no issues in an off road situation.

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT is a truly one of a kind electric scooter that will excite even the most experienced riders and allow them to confidently ride off-road without worrying whether the bike is able to handle it.

Tired of scooting through rain, panicking about electric shocks?

Visit us, and see if the Wolf Warrior works for you.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Kaabo
Model Wolf Warrior 11 GT
Max Speed* 80km/h (limited to 25km/h)
Max Range* 150km
Motor Dual 1200W
Battery 60V 35AH LG M50/SAMSUNG 50E (21700 CELLS)
Braking System Full Hydraulic Brakes

Recommended for Versatility - Bexly 10

Bexly 10

SHOP BEXLY 10 and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

It can be overwhelming trying to decide which scooter to purchase. There are practically endless options that feature a huge range of different features. Whether you want speed, range, safety, value, stylish look or a smooth ride. The Bexly 10 is one of the only scooters that has all of these.

Powered by a 1000 watt motor the Bexly 10 has the capability to ride at a max speed of around 45 km/h. When the rider hits the scooter's top speed, slowing down shouldn’t be a problem. This impressive all-rounder is equipped with a top of the line dual disk braking system that will allow for a firm and quick stop in all situations. 

Another great versatile feature of the Bexly 10 is its long range - it’s able to travel up to 45 km on a single charge. This impressive max distance makes commuting to work a breeze in most situations.

The Bexly 10 was designed for a smooth ride thanks to its front and rear shocks and large tyres  - allowing it to handle even the most rugged roads graceful and ride over the lumps and bumps with ease. 

Lastly, the sleek look of the Bexly 10 is another plus. Its strong yet stylish design will earn the rider impressive glances everywhere they go.

Come and see whether the Bexly 10 is a big enough deal for you.

Bexly 10 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Bexly
Model 10
Motor 1000 Watt
Max Range* 45km
Max Speed* (Limited to 25km/h) 30-45km on Private Property
Braking System Disk Brakes (Front & Rear)

Recommended for Night Riders - Machine Fox Dual

 Machine Fox All Terrain Dual

SHOP MACHINE FOX DUAL and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

Driving at night on any type of motorised transportation can be dangerous - especially if the vehicle isn’t adequately equipped for riding in the dark. The team at machine knows the importance of manufacturing a vehicle that can confidently be ridden at night, and has demonstrated this through the creation of the Machine Fox Dual.

Machine has equipped this remarkable electric scooter with multiple lights to ensure it stands out on even the darkest of roads. It’s equipped with a bright headlight, taillights and sidelights that help to provide clear visibility of the scooter when it’s being driven in darker conditions.

But, the Fox Dual isn’t just ideal for driving at night time, it also has all of the features that you’d expect on a high end scooter.. It can climb a 30 degree hill with ease and has a very respectable top speed of 65 km/h. It’s also able to travel up to 80 km on a single charge when the eco mode is engaged.

Furthermore, the Fox Dual features a large LCD screen that displays the rider's speed, battery life and the current mode engaged. It’s also equipped with a USB port that lets riders charge their smartphone while on a long ride.

Is the Machine Fox Dual illuminating enough for you? Come and try it, and find out!

Machine Fox Dual Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Machine
Model Fox All Terrain Dual
52V 20.4Ah LG
Charge Time 6 Hours
Motor 2 x 1200W - 2 x 1600W Peak Power 50Mag
Max Range* 80km on Eco Mode
Max Speed* (Limited to 25km/h) 65 km/h on Private Property
Braking System  Front and Rear Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Climbing Grade +30 Degrees

Recommended for Playtime - Dualtron Thunder 2

Dualtron Thunder 2

SHOP DUALTRON THUNDER 2 and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

Riding an electric scooter is a great way to get around town, it’s eco-friendly and can be extremely fun! Dualtron has worked to ensure that riders receive max enjoyment when cruising on their Dualtron Thunder 2.

The Thunder 2 has a seriously impressive range of 170 km per charge - which will allow for hours and hours of riding - providing riders more time to have some serious enjoyment while riding. It can reach speeds of up to 88 km/h and climb hills that are up to 35 degrees. Having this kind of power in your electric scooter will allow riders experience all sorts of terrain and areas.

Dualtron also added high-end hydraulic braking system to the Thunder 2 to make sure riders have the confidence and ability to come to a quick stop.. Dualtron has even added ABS braking to make slowing down even more secure.

Can you handle the Dualtron Thunder 2? Come and find out.

Dualtron Thunder 2 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Dualtron
Model Thunder 2
Braking System Hydraulic brakes with ABS standard and 160mm disks
Motor Up to 10,080 watts from BLDC dual hub motors
Battery 72 volt - 40 Ah - LG M50T cells
Charge Time 28h Standard Charger | 14h with 2x Standard Chargers | Fast Charge 6h
Max. Range 170km  (Range may vary depending on rider weight and road conditions)
Climbing Grade 70% or 35 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge
Top Speed Limited to 25 ( 88 km/h on private property)

Recommended for Social Scooters - Carbon Oxy 10

Carbon Oxy 10

SHOP CARBON OXY 10 and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

A scooter is obviously a great way to commute around town - but it can also be a seriously fun machine. Some riders enjoy meeting up in groups and heading off on a social ride together - exploring new grounds and areas. If this sounds like something that piques your interest, the Carbon Oxy 10 is an ideal choice.

It has a top speed of 70 km/h as well as the ability to climb hills with a steep grade of 30 degrees. It can travel 55-65 km on a single charge with its 52 volt 18.2Ah Samsung batteries. This provides plenty of power and travel time for a fun afternoon on the roads.

The braking system on the Carbon Oxy 10 is another great feature it has disk dual braking, which provides double the braking power of a single system, and reduces the required maintenance great. Plus, it has regenerative braking, which means that every day the rider slows down the friction from the brakes generates renewed battery life; providing even more time for the rider to have fun.

The max rider weight is much higher than other electric scooters and comes in at 140 kg which is largely due to its strong frame. 

Carbon Oxy 10 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Carbon
Model Oxy 10
Braking System Disk Brakes Dual and electric re-gen

Dual 1000 Watt Motors, Peak 1600w x2 Total 3200w

Battery 52v 18.2ah Samsung
Max Range* 55-65km
Charge Time 8-10 hours
Climbing Grade Up to 30 Degrees
Max Speed* (Limited to 25km/h) Private use up to 70km/h

Recommended for Delivery Drivers - Dualtron Storm Limited

Dualtron Storm Limited


If you’re a delivery driver and you’re looking for a vehicle to use for work, then you’re probably looking for something that’s dependable day in and day out and can handle any conditions that are thrown its way. If this is the case, then the Dualtron Storm Limited a great option.

With a seriously impressive range of 200 km from just one single charge, there’s no issue using this charger every single day and driving very long distances without charging. In most cases, riders will probably only have to charge the scooter every few days - or less! When it is time to charge the Storm Limited, Dualtron has a fast charger option that only requires nine hours to hit full charge.

And, it’s not just the distance this scooter can ride that’s exceptional. Dualtron has put high quality craftsmanship into every area of this scooter. They have used nuts discs hydraulic braking with magnetic stopping power that reduces friction and allows for a much longer time between maintenance breaks. This extreme braking system is paired with the Storm Limited’s powerful 11500 watt dual motors that can reach speeds up to 115 km/h.

When designing the Storm Limited, Dualtron wanted to make sure that owners aren’t at risk of having their new scooter stolen. So, they added safety features to keep it safe.. There is an anti-theft fingerprint system that will allow only the rider - and those the rider has given permission to - to use this remarkable scooter. 

The Dualtron Storm Limited also has great storing and portability options, it can be quickly collapsed down to a compact size, and even the handlebars can be reduced in size, making it simple to put into small places.

Dualtron Storm LTD Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Dualtron
Model Storm Limited
Braking System NUTT Discs-Hydraulic (160mm) + Magnetic
Motor 11500W Dual Motor (MAX)
Battery 84V 45 Ah – LG 21700
Max Range* 200km
Charge Time 30h | Fast Charge 9h
Climbing Grade Up to 30 Degrees
Max Speed* limited to 25 ( 115 km/h on private terrain)

Recommended for Advanced Riders - 11x Black Edition

Black Edition 11x 72V/32Ah Electric Scooter - In-store pickup only

SHOP 11X BLACK EDITION and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

The specs of the Black Edition range provide a beautifully balanced electric scooter for every rider. The optimum ratio between power, autonomy, comfort and price is right here in the 11X; possibly our most successful and popular scooter. The 11X electric scooters are standing both the test of time and terrain. The battery has been built right into the deck and boasts LG-branded lithium-ion cells which will suit both long and hilly journeys. The 11X also offers a great variety of accessories allowing you to make your electric scooter truly customised, and just one of the reasons we recommend the 11X for Advanced Riders only.

The 11X Black Edition is a new model, and it’s most ludicrous – with two 1600W motors giving it a max power output of 5600w rocketing it to a max speed of 100 km/h, making it one of the fastest electric scooters available on the market. The high-capacity LG 72 / 36H lithium-ion battery lets you travel a maximum range up to 150km, depending on travel conditions.

Flaunting a dual hydraulic brake system with disc brakes (front and rear) and an additional electric brake for extreme stopping control, your comfort is still not compromised with rear and front suspension paired with 11-inch air tyres.

Riding at night is lit by four headlamps at the front and two at the rear, and your 11X Black Edition steering wheel is foldable for easier transportation by car.

The total scooter weight is 52kg, so not normally the sort of thing you can throw onto a bus easily, but maximum load is still up to 120kg.

Overall, the speed and power of this electric scooter make it suited to more experienced, and advanced riders who can control it. Definitely not for kids, or adults with high blood pressure!

11x Black Edition Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Black Edition
Model 11x
Max Speed* (Limited to 25km/h) Private use up to 100 km/h
Max Range* 150 km
Lithium-Ion LG 72V 32 Ah
Charging time 15-20 hours
Braking System Hydraulic front and rear + electric brake
Motor 2 x 1600 Watt

Recommended for Camping - Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Plus

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Plus


Most campers know that some of the best spots have fairly rugged terrain - and they’re usually quite hard to get to. Of course, carrying all your camping gear to your campsite can be a pretty big job, so if you’re planning on bringing a scooter as well, it’s a good idea to look for something that’s easily portable - and can handle off-roading too.

A great benefit of bringing an electric scooter camping is that you can actually use it to transport your things from the car directly to the campsite. With its max rider weight of 120 kg, there’s enough room to carry an average side adult with multiple bags and gear.

The Wolf Warrior X Plus can be taken on some of the roughest hiking trails due to its two-wheel drive capabilities, with 1100 watts of power coming from each tyre. Kaabo has also added heavy-duty 10’ off-road tyres and front hydraulic suspension and rear spring suspension that will be able to take on some seriously bumpy terrain.

Kaabo knows that having all these great off road features wouldn’t mean anything if the Wolf Warrior X Plus didn’t have exceptional stopping power to ensure that the rider can stop safely. Thankfully, the scooter has front and rear hydraulic braking that will ensure a safe ride every time.

Can you tame the Electric Wolf?  Contact us for details.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior X Plus Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Kaabo
Model Wolf Warrior X Plus
Max Speed* 70km/h (limited to 25km/h)
Max Range* 70km
Motor DUAL - FRONT 1100W + REAR 1100W
Battery 60V 21 AH
Charge Time 9-11 hours

Recommended for Exercise - Benelle GT800

Benelle GT800 Electric Scooter

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Most people wouldn’t normally associate electric scooters with exercise. After all, they are a motorised vehicle that gets a rider from one play to another with minimal effort. However, that can all be changed with the Benelle GT800.

 GT800 can be the perfect way to mix up your workout and allow you to avoid crowded gyms that are full of sweaty people throwing weights around.

With a top speed of 40 km/h it can get a rider's heart racing quickly - which is something exercisers usually aspire for. Plus, it has the capability to turn off its strong 800 watt motor and allow riders to use it as a push scooter. Weighing in at 21 kg, pushing this beefy electric scooter is sure to work up a sweat for riders. 

One of the best benefits to using the Benelle for exercise is you have the ability to go to an area that might be farther away than your used to for a workout, 60 km round trip to be exact which is its range for a full battery charge and you will have fun while doing so. This means that riders can travel to locations that are perfect for exercising without worrying about the battery wearing out. For example to the beach for a run on soft sand, or a beautiful park for a sunrise workout.

Once your workout is done for the day, there’s something to be said about feeling the wind in your hair and cooling you down as you cruise home.

Why not check the Benelle GT800 out? Contact us for a test ride.

Benelle GT800 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Benelle
Model GT800
Max Speed*

(Limited to 25 KM/H) >40 km/h On Private Property

Max Range* >60 km
Battery 48V15ah
Charge Time 5-6 hours
Motor 800 Watt
Braking System Front & Rear Disc

Recommended for Manoeuvrability - Dualtron City

Dualtron City Electric Scooter

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Any good electric scooter you be able to be manoeuvred around easily. However, there are some models that allow for precise control, and the Dualtron City is at the top of the list.

Like its namesake, the Dualtron City was created to easily cruise around the city, and to allow riders to easily dodge objects and commute safely. It allows for riders to manoeuvre through city traffic - whether it's a windy street or busy traffic - this scooter will get you through any situation safely.

The reason the City handles tight turns so much better than the rest of the scooters available is largely due to its massive 15 inch tyres that are 15% bigger than most other scooters on the market. These tyres help to ensure a smooth ride and have amazing grip on the road which provides confidence for riders who find themselves in tight situations.

The Dualtron City also has great suspension which can be customised to the rider's weight and the terrain they are tackling, so that a very smooth riding experience is offered. Furthermore, they’ve added a 60 volt motor which gives great power for riders.

Can you out manoeuvre the Dualtron City? Come and find out.

Dualtron City Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Dualtron
Model City
Max Speed* (LIMITED TO 25 KM/H) UP TO 70 KM/H
Max Range*
70 KM
Battery 60V 25 Ah - Swappable - LG 21700 cells
Charge Time 14 hours with standard charger, 7  hours with 2 standard chargers, 3+ hours with the quick charger
Braking System
Zoom Hydraulic Disk brakes with ABS standard and 160 mm disks
Climbing Grade
Grade: 37% or 20 degrees depending on rider weight and state of charge

Recommended for Cost - Bexly 8

Bexly 8 Electric Scooter

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While the Bexy 8 is not “the” lowest priced available in the electric vehicle industry, this is the scooter for you if you want a lightweight, versatile, cost-effective scooter for adults.

Bexly’s focus is on reliability, performance and safety. We’ve already said the Bexly 8 is lightweight and adaptable, and such exceptional value for money that the user reviews are coming thick and fast!

With a very reasonable 500W motor and rear drum brake, it will scoot easily to a range of up to 25kms on one single battery charge. LED front and rear lights improve safety at night, and its coil suspension and 8″ tyres make it more comfy to ride than other e scooters in similar categories.

The Bexly 8 is an adaptable and cost-effective eScooter – at only 18 KG it’s an easy one if you’re commuting, and need to take on the bus or train, and travel to your office. The Bexley 8 folds within seconds, for simple storage until you’re ready to use it again.

Maximum load up to 100kg, range up to 25km, and a maximum speed up to 25kph – this was designed for scooting shorter distances, around the inner city, on sealed roads or tracks. If that’s what you need, then the Bexly 8 would be a perfect match!

Is the Bexly 8 what you’re looking for? Come and test ride today!

Bexly 8 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Bexly
Model 8
Max Speed* 0-25km
Max Range* Less than 30km
500-watt Peak Power
Battery 48V 10.4Ah
Braking System Rear Drum Brakes

Recommended for Quick Charge - Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual

Mercane Pro Dual Wide Wheel


Known for its wide wheel models, Mercane wide wheel electric scooters lack for nothing in power, braking performance, or ride quality. The Mercane casting methods are also famous for making their scooters strong, and extremely durable, with an enhanced riding experience and motor life cycle. Wheel assemblies are designed to adjust to uneven terrain, and the high quality front and rear suspension keeps you scooting smoothly in the most demanding terrain.

This is the 2020 model, which has some fabulous new enhancements that makes this an excellent choice of scooter for adults – particularly if fast charging is one of your main concerns. It has two powerful 500W motors, an upgraded 15.0Ah lithium-ion battery – so while it’s designed for incredible power, speed and strong acceleration, your top speeds are 40kph (Eco mode) and 70kph (Power Mode) when your battery is fully charged. This is lower than the “speedy” models, but still quite fast enough for many adults, particularly here in Australia when most states limit speeds to 25kph in public.

There are scooters that have shorter charge times, but their range and power is greatly diminished. You could also consider a scooter with the ability to swap the battery over while you’re out and about – so you can carry a spare charged battery with you. Overall though – the Mercane is the one we’d suggest as a starting point.

If you have particular requirements, then come and see us for an individual chat about your needs.

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro Dual 15Ah Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Mercane
Model Wide Wheel Pro Dual 15Ah
2x 48V 500W Front and Rear
Battery 15Ah
Max Range* 70Km
Max Speed* Up to 40km/h on Private Property
Braking System Dual
Climbing Grade 40%
Charging Time 8 Hours

Recommended for Comfort - Neozin Orno

Neozin Orno Single Motor


When riding long distances on a scooter, it’s imperative that the ride is comfortable and the Neon Orno offers exactly this. Exactly why the Neozin Orno is so comfortable can be partly attributed to its wide 9 inch tyres with puncture-proof technology and a soft core which helps to absorb any bumps in the road.

Neozin has taken the comfort of riders very seriously, they’ve equipped the scooter with a glare-proof LCD so that they can easily check their speed, battery life and voltage, even on the sunniest of days.

Another feature Neozin has added to the Orno to make the driving experience enjoyable is its cruise control option. This will make driving the vehicles at any speed between 0 and it’s max speed of 40km/hour as easy as a push of the button - it also lets riders enjoy the ride without having to worry about holding a throttle the whole time. A simple tap of the brakes will disengage the cruise control option and allow the rider to drive as per usual.

Is your ride comfy enough? Come and try the Orno today.

Neozin Orno Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Neozin
Model Orno Dual 
Max Range*
45 KM
Braking System
Battery 9 AH BATTERY
Charge Time 6-7 HOURS
Climbing Grade

Recommended for Easy Storage - e-Glide Swift

E-Glide Swift

SHOP e-GLIDE SWIFT and enjoy 5% off with code ISCOOTADULTS

Electric scooters are great for commuting, but a commonly asked question is what do you do with them once the rider is over? If you’re after an electric scooter that can be easily compactable and taken inside, then you may want to check out the E-Glide Swift.

Not only is the Swift one of the easiest scooters to fold in half and can be compacted down so small that it’s able to fit almost anywhere, but it’s also one of the lightest scooters on the market.  It weighs a light 13.6 kgs - which is far less than other scooters that have similar features.

The light weight and compact size mean that it’s easy for a person to carry it on their own, which makes putting it away at work or home a breeze. 

But, just because the Swift is light certainly doesn’t mean it’s lacking in the power department. The E-Glide has been equipped with a powerful 500 watt motor that let it reach speeds of 30 km/h and it has a strong 37V 12.8Ah battery that can carry a rider up to 45 km per charge. This long-range is made possible because of its regenerative braking which charges the battery when braking. 

e-Glide created a scooter that exceeds all expectations when it comes to functionality and design – Come and see what it’s packing today!

e-Glide SWIFT Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand e-Glide
Max Speed* 30km/h
Max Range* 45km
Motor 500W Front
Battery 37V 12.8Ah
Charge Time 6.5h
Braking System Rear Mechanical Disc + E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system

Recommended for Rough Roads - Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT

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It’s a fact that rough roads can damage electric scooters, especially when the  rider or the scooter is not properly equipped for those conditions. The Kaabo Wolf Warrior GT definitely wouldn’t have this problem and was specifically built to be taken off road.

The reason this scooter works so great on rough roads is largely due to its front hydraulic suspension and rear spring suspension. These features mean that the scooter can glide over any bumps on the road with little to no impact for the rider. Another reason for its success on rough roads is its strong 11 inch pneumatic tyres that also absorb rough bumps that the suspension isn't able to soak up. 

When riding on rougher roads it is not uncommon for puddles and creeks pop up. Fortunately, the team at Kaabo has already thought of wet weather protection and equipped the Wolf Warrior 11 GT a water resistance rating of IPX5.

Besides its amazing ability to take on a rough roads, the motor and range are just as impressive. Equipped with dual 1200 watt motors that have a top speed of 80 km/h  and can cover up to 150 km on a single charge, this electric scooter is an all-around winner.


Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Kaabo
Model Wolf Warrior 11 GT
Max Speed* 80km/h (limited to 25km/h)
Max Range* 150km
Motor Dual 1200W
Battery 60V 35AH LG M50/SAMSUNG 50E (21700 CELLS)
Braking System Full Hydraulic Brakes

Recommended for Security - Bexly 10

Bexly 10 Electric Scooter

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The Bexly 10 flaunts a massive 1000W of power that will propel you to its top speed in seconds. Sporting a 10” tyre, a large deck and upgraded key ignition. It truly is an awesome Long Commuter model.

Slightly smaller than the other Bexly’s, but no less breathtaking, the Bexly 10 has 1000W of power, which is still plenty to get you to top speed in seconds. On a single charge, your Bexly has a maximum range of 45km on the massive 52V 18.3 battery. Paired with the larger tyres this is a fabulous longer range commuter model, which is built for stability and stamina over speed. Large disc brakes improve stopping power, and front and rear integrated spring suspension provides some next level comfort.

The front and rear integrated spring suspension provides maximum rider comfort – The Bexly 10 will provide strong traction and stability coupled with electric excitement and comfortability!

Bexly 10 Electric Scooter Specifications
Brand Bexly
Model 10
52v 18ah
Motor 1000 Watt
Max Range* 45km
Max Speed* (Limited to 25km/h) 30-45km on Private Property
Braking System Disk Brakes (Front & Rear)

Electric Scooter For Adults – In Conclusion

So as we look to 2022 to provide a new and better future for all of us – we at iScoot like to reflect on what has made us happy, and what will continue to keep us excited about the world of electric scooters.

Nobody would deny the massive changes that our entire planet, and local community has gone through. Our world today is almost unrecognisable from what it looked like 12 months ago. But there are still things that continue, and will always continue. That feeling you get when you and your buddies finally get together over a coffee. Watching younger kids finally manage to ride a bike without training wheels. Or maybe it’s the electric zap of adrenalin when you cut loose from the daily grind, and go cruising on the open footpath on your very own awesome electric scooter. Feeling the sun across your face, and the wind rushing past – it’s a special experience.

And we take that seriously here, helping to make sure that the scooter you choose matches your needs – do you need a lightweight, foldable electric scooter that you can carry upstairs to store in your office? Are you looking for your first electric scooter and need something that’s easy to handle, and won’t get away from you? Or maybe you’re an experienced rider, and ready to upgrade to a ludicrous speed-demon, that’s capable of chewing up your old ride, and spitting it out?

Everybody is different, and what suits one person might not suit another. That’s why we offer a test-ride, so you can get a feel for your new ride before you purchase. Because you can read all the customer reviews on the internet, but everyone’s experience will be different, so until you try it yourself you’ll never really know.

With so many different deals and varieties around today, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information, which is why we’ve prepared this article, to filter and sort them for your specific needs, and match you with relevant products.

So come on down to one of our locations, and chat with our team about current deals. Ask us about our 3.2.1 Extended Warranty, our Free Safety Check with every Adult eScooter purchase, and remember our trade-up offer, for when your skills have grown beyond that starter model.

We offer FREE express delivery Australia wide on orders over $100, including; BrisbaneGeelongGold CoastSydneyNewcastleCanberraAdelaidePerthMelbourne and more.

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