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Segway Australia Certified Segway Dealer
Segway Australia Certified Segway Dealer

Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter

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The Perfect Commuter Scooter The Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter is the perfect choice for the morning commuter to take to work. With its stylish design and lightweight construction, this is a vers... read more

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The Perfect Commuter Scooter

The Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter is the perfect choice for the morning commuter to take to work. With its stylish design and lightweight construction, this is a versatile scooter you’re sure to enjoy.

Convenient Storage
The convenient folding design brings the scooter’s deck up towards the handlebars with complete 180-degree folding capabilities. To help even more, the handlebars are fully retractable, making this scooter compact when you’re not using it. This origami inspiring folding design makes the Air T15 perfect for taking onto public transport such as trains and buses.

Fast Charging
Gone are the days of waiting an entire day for your battery to reach full charge. The Air T15 will go from empty to full in as little as 4 hours, giving you less time to wait in between charges. Stay on the roads, and cruise more often with the Air T15 electric scooter.

Advanced Tech
There is plenty of advanced tech on the Segway Air T15. It has an advanced display screen that shows you scooter statistics, current speed, and battery life. Cruise control is also featured, making it even easier to enjoy riding this fantastic electric scooter.

Features + Specs
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Segway Air T15 Electric Scooter
One click folding system - The Segway AirT15 body and handlebars fold flat with one click allowing for quick storage in the car boot or on public transport (eg. train, bus)
Super Light 10.5KG weight
20KM/H max speed
15% hill climb ability
12KM range
250W Motor
Retractable handlebars
Only 4 hours charging time
Regenerative Braking System
IPX4 Water Proofing
Customisable LED ambient light colours, front and rear lights
Power Switch / Fender brake
4 riding modes
Cruise control
Beautiful display dashboard showing statistics, battery life, current speed
Waterproof IPX4 rating
App connectivity

UPGRADED Limited Warranty
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From September 1st 2023, our Warranty Periods are superseded by iScoot's New Limited Warranty Period:

12 months/1000km across all components including Vehicle Body, Electrical and Battery. Australia's only 12-month Warranty.


*Please note: for orders made prior to September 1st 2023, the following Warranty Periods apply: iScoot Limited Warranty

Free Safety Check
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Get a FREE SAFETY CHECK with any adult eScooter at 100km or 1 month after purchase! View our Warranty and Service pages for our terms and conditions. 

Keep your machine in top condition with experts on the ground to service your eScooter. iScoot hold the largest range of eScooters in Australia and can offer real, practical advice on how to get the most from your investment.

Our Showroom Mechanical Experts offer a range of services including, repairs, service, warranty claims, test rides and trade ups. Visit our Electric Scooter Service Centre.

Safety Policy
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When purchasing any electric scooter (e-scooter) from iScoot, you:

  1. Agree to being solely responsible and liable for violation of any laws, rules, regulations, and/or ordinances whilst riding the e-scooter.
  2. Agree to being solely responsible and liable for any and all consequences, claims, demands, causes of action, losses, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses, penalties, lawyers' fees, judgements, fees and/or disbursements of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether foreseeable or unforeseeable, and whether known or unknown, as a result of your actions whilst riding any e-scooter bought from iScoot. 
  3. Acknowledge and accept that you must wear a helmet that meets the AS/NZS 2063:2008 standard certification ("Permitted Helmet") as varied by federal regulation and all times while riding iScoot e-scooters, whether required by law or not.
  4. Acknowledge that accidents, personal injuries, death and other harm can happen when you are operating an e-scooter purchased from iScoot, including as a result of falling, collisions, encountering hidden obstacles and varying terrain and aggravation of existing health conditions. 
  5. Acknowledge that you have been warned about these possibilities, and you assume all risk in relation to the operation of iScoot purchased e-scooters. This provision will constitute a "risk warning" for the purposes of any applicable law and may operate to exclude or limit any rights you might otherwise have against iScoot. 

I agree to the aforementioned terms of purchase, safety and pre-sale checklist as advised to me by iScoot at the time of my purchase, and acknowledge my responsibilities under these terms.

I will endeavour to have my scooter serviced regularly, but especially at 3, 6 and 12 months. I understand service is essential to ensure faults are minimised in everyday use. Failure to adhere to a service plan, may void supplier warranties.

I will familiarise myself with the current state and territory laws regarding electric scooters, and shall not hold iScoot Australia responsible for any infringements or breaches of traffic and road laws, under any circumstances.

I will familiarise myself with the iScoot Australia returns and trade-in policies as stated on the website

(*) iScoot Australia is released from any liabilities in relation to a request to de-restrict your scooter. iScoot will assist you to access further scooter settings, but will not modify or alter manufacturer speed settings, remove hard restriction cables, adjust kick start settings, acceleration or ABS braking without a signed release.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Under-Rated & Ultra Portable

Now, the whole reason I wanted an electric scooter in the first place was for an alternative to a bicycle for my commute. The bike was great but it was a nuisance to store as well as turning up to work in a sweat. Further, I needed something that I could carry up and down stairs and able to be folded away in a cupboard, the wife would not have this thing in sight.

Now, I am unique in that my commute is only 1.5km, more or less flat, through backstreets with lots of stop signs, so i dont need much range or speed. One commute of this uses exactly 31% on sport mode. I charge this each night on its included charging stand. I have made it to work and back twice (6km total) on one charge in sport mode with still some juice in the tank, but I probably wouldnt want to try the third day.

I walk up stairs at work and I live in a small terrace with stairs so foldability, weight and portability was critical. I doubt there is a better scooter on the market in this category, the foldability of this is un-matched. With once click the scooter origami-quick-flicks itself into this flat and narrow wedge, then, holding the same place I lift up the back wheel and roll on the engine-less front wheel like a travel suitcase, from riding to walking in about a second (and visa-versa). Then a quick bend down and pick it up by the frame and carry up the stairs with one arm (10.5kg).

Another great thing of note that it comes with its own moulded stand in the box. That cuts down on all that wasted packaging. Its likely you'll charge it every day as a commuter so a charging stand is a neat touch. I have the scooter stored and charged in a narrow broom cupboard in the kitchen, absolute win.

Now this lightweight has its advantages on the road, it stops on a dime and I can effectively pick up the scooter with a step and lift to mount a curb with ease from the handlebars. Similarly if i need to turn 90 degrees on the spot i can just step and lift the tail around. For those that might call scooters "dangerous" to padestrians i can say that this scooter is lighter than many road bikes.

I think its just so satisfying that my main form of transport takes up so little space and is so light, a real magic trick. 20km/h is actually impressive in this regard. I have had this scooter for 7 months now and find myself longing for a bit more power and speed, but you can't have it all. I may not ever change unless something comes out that is as light and foldable.


Kids loved them


Love the scooter's the kids have a ball just need the weather to dry up so we can ride

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