Best electric scooters for 2022

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Best electric scooters for 2022

When it comes to the best electric scooters on the market, there are a number of factors that a buyer should consider, some of these include price, maximum range, top speed and safety features.

There are hundreds of electric scooters available on the market today, and many cater to different preferences. Some scooters like the Mercane Jubel and Bennelle S350 are ideal for those looking for commuter scooters, while others like the Kugoo G2 Pro and the Dualtron Victor are better suited to thrill-seekers looking to take part in some offroading adventures.

With so many electric scooters to pick from, it can be hard to choose which is best suited to you. Here, we break down ten of the best electric scooters available in Australia and do a deep dive into their features and the audience that they are best suited to.

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  1. Bexly 9
  2. Bexly Blackhawk Pro
  3. Kugoo M2 Pro
  4. Kugoo G2 Pro
  5. Mercane Jubel
  6. Carbon Oxy 10
  7. Dualtron Victor
  8. Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT
  9. Benelle S350
  10. Segway Max G30L


Bexly 9

Buy the Bexly 9 here.

Starting off our list is one of the most improved motorized scooters in a long time. The team at Bexly collated feedback about the Bexly 8, and used the information to create a new and improved version, called the Bexly 9. This electric scooter is a great all-around machine that is worth the extra cash.

Boosting a sizable 600 watt engine, with a max speed of 45 kmh, this scooter will have no problem making it up hills or getting to where you are trying to quickly. Not only will this electric scooter get where you are going at a good speed it also can keep that speed for over 40km.

The Bexly 9 isn't just a reliable commuter scooter, Bexly made sure it has a surplus of safety features. The scooter has a drum brake in the rear which is the main braking source. Drum brakes are made to last a very long time compared to other braking systems. The front brake has a disk brake which will deliver a powerful stopping power that is easily adjustable to suit your braking needs. There is front and back suspension with impressive 8 inch tyres. These will allow for a smoother safer ride.

This electric scooter has adjustable handlebars that can adjust to any size rider under 100 kg. Bexly added stylish LED lights in the front and back to make the sleek black model stand out while driving in darker conditions.

  • Brand: Bexly
  • Model: 9
  • Price: 1,499.00
  • Motor: 600 watt
  • Battery: 48V/13Ah
  • Charge Time: 
  • Top Speed: 30-45 km
  • Max Load: 100 kg
  • Braking system: Drum in rear disk in front
  • Max range: 40 km

Bexly Blackhawk Pro

Buy the Bexly Blackhawk Pro here.

Warning: this Bexly Blackhawk Pro is a beast of an electric scooter. In 2021 Bexly set out to create not just a scooter that will get you from A to B but to do so with a huge amount of speed and power.

The Blackhawk Pro isn't just a cool name, it has the specs to match. This scooter comes equipped with not one, but two impressive 1400 watt motors. This allows for over 2800 watts of force. This powerful motor allows the Bexly Blackhawk Pro to hit swift speeds of 75 km. Not only will this unit go extremely fast, but it can hold quick speeds for up to 65 km (depending on the rider's weight and the state of charge) because of its large 60v 21ah battery.

Though these specs are impressive, the Bexly creators didn't stop there. The scooter is equipped with four coiled suspensions making even the biggest bumps in the road feel like next to nothing.

This monster of a scooter isn't just a fast smooth ride, it's also packed with safety features. It has one of the best braking systems on the market with gigantic 160mm rotors and both nutt hydraulic disc brakes and mechanical brakes. Nutt hydraulic brakes help riders to have total control over braking, even when it's going very quickly.

Driving in low lighting is no problem for the Black Hawk Pro. Bexly has outdone itself and equipped a 1000 lumens headlight and dual LED deck lights on this scooter which will lighten even the darkest roads. 

  • Brand: Bexly
  • Model: Black Hawk pro
  • Price: 3,299.00
  • Motor: Dual 1400W Motors
  • Battery: 60v 21AH
  • Charge Time: 10-14 hours
  • Top Speed: 75 km
  • Max Load: 130 kg
  • Braking system: Nutt Hydraulic
  • Max range: 65 km

    Kugoo M2 Pro

    Buy the Kugoo M2 Pro here.

    If you're looking for a great scooter with amazing value, Kugoo fits the brief. The M2 pro was made with ease and comfort in mind. The Kugoo M2 Pro also comes with a relatively low price tag considering it's remarkable features.

    The M2 Pro has three speed modes and a 350 watt motor that allows riders to achieve a maximum speed of 25 kmh for up to 30 km. This motor has a rating for inclined hills of 15 grade so it can easily tackle most residential slops. Plus, the Kugoo M2 Pro has an extremely fast charging time. Its 7.5Ah, 18650 high-capacity lithium battery can be charged in just 4 hours.

    Another great feature of this scooter is it's 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tyres that have a honeycomb design. Honeycomb tyres arent' air-filled, so you don't need to be worried about getting a flat. The pneumatic tyres also help to provide a very smooth ride. Furthermore, The Kugoo ME PPro has an impressive stopping distance of 4 meters, which is made possible by the rear mechanical disk brake and front electric brake.

    Kugoo have developed a user-friendly app that works in conjunction with the M2 pro. This app connects to your scooter while you ride and will show your speed, estimated distance left on battery life, past route, security shut off, weather, GPS coordinates and it will even tell you where and when to get scooter serviced.

    • Brand: Kugoo
    • Model: M2 Pro
    • Price: 1,199.00
    • Motor: 350 watt
    • Battery: 7.5Ah, 18650 high-capacity lithium battery
    • Charge Time: 4 hours
    • Top Speed: 25 km
    • Max Load: 120 kg
    • Braking system: front electric brake, rear mechanical disc brake
    • Max range: 30 km

      Kugoo G2 Pro

      Buy the Kugoo G2 Pro here.

      The Kugoo G2 Pro is a seriously impressive machine that's made for some serious fun. When Kugoo was creating this scooter they had three things in mind; durability, speed and comfort.

      Even at first glance, this scooter stands out from the rest. It has impressive 10 inch pneumatic tires that do a very good job of absorbing shock and have great grip. Its platform is wider than average with a non-slip silicone coating creating both a unique look and comfort for the rider.

      The Kugoo G2 Pro has a strong aluminium alloy and iron frame that is heavy-duty, yet considerably light. This makes this scooter very strong and can hold 130 while still being effortlessly portable.

      This machine isn't just aesthetically please, but it has the power to back up its sleek look. Thanks to its rear-wheel powerful 750 watt brushless motor riders can expect speeds up to 50 km/hr and the powerful motor allows the top speed to be hit in just 13 seconds. It's also capable of climbing hills of 15 degrees, or a grade of 26.8.

      The Kugoo G2's battery is impressive too. With a 48v/13ah battery and a charge time of 4-6 hours, this e scooter can go the distance, travelling up to 50 km on a single charge (depending on rider state and charge).

      The G2 Pro can be classified as an all-terrain scooter that does well on paved roads as well as offroad. The offroad capabilities come from its adjustable dual spring suspension with built-in shock absorbers and a rear mechanical disk brake and electric front brakes. The combination of these elements means the scooter has no problem tackling even the most rugged terrain.

      • Brand: Kugoo
      • Model: G2 Pro
      • Price: 1,599.00
      • Motor: 750 watt
      • Battery: 48v/13ah
      • Charge Time: 4-6 hours
      • Top Speed: 50 km
      • Max Load: 130 kg
      • Braking system: front electric brake, rear mechanical disc brake
      • Max Range: 50 km

        Mercane Jubel

        Buy the Mercane Jubel here.If you're looking for a scooter that has great commuting abilities and comes at a reasonable price, then it's hard to go past the Mercane Jubel.

        The Jubel is pretty much every electric scooter commuters dream. It sports a simple and elegant smooth look, and comes equipped with some of the largest tires on the market coming in at 12 inches. These beefy tires give added stability to the scooter, helping to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. They are air-filled which will help give this beauty a graceful ride.

        The scooter is easily portable, folding up quickly and easily with the press of a button. It also only weighs 22 kg thanks to its strong single metal frame, which is also known as hydroforming, making it ideal for transporting.

        If your daily distance is on the longer side, then the Mercane is a great choice. It has a strong 48v/10 ah battery that lets the scooter travel up to 60 km on a 5-7 hour charge. It also has an ultra reliable 800 watt motor that can hit speeds of 30 km/hour.

        This Mercaen Jubel also comes with a trust-worthy brake system thanks to the drum brake in the front of the scooter. These brakes have larger brake pads, therefore, making them less susceptible to wear and tear and a strong back disk brake that provides stopping power. The combination of these elements all adds up to one thing, reliability.

        • Brand: Mercane
        • Model: Jubel
        • Price: 1,699.00
        • Motor: 800 watt
        • Battery: 48v/10 ah
        • Charge Time: 5-7 hours
        • Top Speed: 30 km
        • Max Load: 100kg
        • Braking system: front drum brake, back disk brake
        • Max Range: 60 km

        Carbon Oxy 10

        Buy the Carbon Oxy 10 here.

        The Carbon Oxy 10 is a proudly Australian made scooter and was specifically designed to handle rugged Australian conditions.

        Carbon has built a heavy-duty scooter that comes equipped with two 1000 watt motors that max at 1600 watts. When both are full power this scooter is capable of max at 3200 watts of output. This will equate to a max speed of 70 km/hr.

        Carbon has given riders the choice to decide whether they'd prefer one or two motors on the scooter, depending on the power they desire. When both motors are engaged, the scooter should have no problem going up hills that are 25 degrees in angle.

        When your journey is finished, folding your scooter down into a compact size is simple, all that's required is a single press of a button.

        When it comes to wet weather, the deck has non slip grip tape to keep you from slipping when it's raining. Also water-related, the Carbon Oxy 10 has a IP54 rating for water-resistant. This means the scooter will be able to handle rain but do keep in mind that it's not completely waterproof.

        The battery doesn't disappoint on this vehicle, either. The Oxy 10 comes with a 52v 18.2ah Samsung battery which will provide a max range of 55-65 km per charge. Such a large battery on this scooter usually equated to lengthy charge times. Fortunately, this isn't the case with the Oxy 10 battery, which can be charged in 8-10 hours. Better still, the scooter comes with dual charging ports to lower the charging time in half when both are plugged in.

        While riding there are different modes that can be selected to suit the rider's desire. Eco mode is ideal for riders who are trying to go long distances and save battery life. Turbo mode kicks the beast into overdrive and works well for thrill-seeking riders. Lastly, there is the normal mode which does well on battery and allows for moderately fast speeds.

        The braking system on this scooter is second to none, featuring an electric regenerative braking system that uses kinetic energy to charge your battery when braking. It's also equipped with top of the line dual disk braking for a safe and smooth stop.

        • Brand: Carbon
        • Model: Oxy 10
        • Price: 2,299.00
        • Motor: Two 1000w Motors maxing at 1600w x2 Totallying 3200w
        • Battery: 52v 18.2ah Samsung
        • Charge Time: 8-10 hours
        • Top Speed: 70 km
        • Max Load: 140kg
        • Braking system: Dual disk brakes and electirc regenerative
        • Max Range: 55-65 km

        Dualtron Victor

        Buy the Dualtron Victor here.

        It's no secret that Dualtron scooters are almost always impressive vehicles, and the Victor is no exception. This machine is high performance and high speed, while still being equipped with great safety features. It can hit a top speed of 80 km/hr very quickly, thanks to its powerful 4000 watt BLDC dual hub motor. It allows riders to choose whether they'd prefer to use one or two motors for more or less output.

        With great performance, you will need a great battery and that is exactly what the Dualtron Victor has, boasting a 60 v/30 Ah - 1,800Wh - LG 5000 cells. Plus, it has a long range of up to 100 km on a single charge (depending on the rider's weight and state)

        You'd be forgiven for assuming that a huge battery like this takes a long time to charge. While the normal charge time for this scooter is a lengthy 20 hours, it can be brought down to 10 hours if you plug in both charging ports. This time can also be reduced even further when Dualtron fast chargers are used.

        The Victor is fully customisable with their personalised settings. This feature allows riders to customise settings on their scooter. Using this feature can allow a rider to lower the maximum speed possible, making it great for new riders, or riders who are still getting used to their new vehicle.

        Dualtron might be known for performance but they are also at the forefront when it comes to safety features. The Dualtron Victor is equipped with dual zoom hydraulic disc brake, which helps to provide one of the most smooth and effective stopping systems on the market. The strong and firm braking system is only enhanced by the added ABS option as well. These brakes help to stop skidding while stopping at a fast speed, leaving the rider with an even safer ride.

        • Brand: Dualtron
        • Model: Victor
        • Price: 3,735.00
        • Motor: 4,000 watt BLDC dual hub motors
        • Battery: 60 v/30 Ah - 1,800Wh - LG 5000 cells
        • Charge Time: 20 hours with standard charger, 10 hours with 2 standard chargers, 4.6 hours with the quick charger
        • Top Speed: 80 km
        • Max Load: 120 kg
        • Braking system: Duel Zoom Hydraulic Disc Brake with ABS Standard
        • Max Range 100 km

          Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 GT

          Buy the Kaabo Wold Warrior 11 GT here.

          When the state of the art performance meets high-end technology, it should look something like the Wolf Warrior 11 GT. Kaabo. Kaabo certainly held nothing back when designing this impressive machine.

          The Wolf Warrior is made to ride in a huge range of conditions and is ideal for riders who want to rip up the dirt trail or for those who simply want to commute to work in a relaxed fashion.

          Despite being packed with a tonne of remarkable features, it costs just a fraction of the price compared to other scooters with similar features.

          This Wolf Warrior is powered by a heavy-duty dual 1200 watt motor that lets riders hit speeds of up to 80 km/hour in no time. These beefy dual engines have won numerous awards for being the strongest and fastest accelerating engines on the market.

          Its zippy speed is only second to its firm stopping power to match. It's equipped with full hydraulic brakes that will leave you feeling in control in even the most rugged terrains and slipperiest surfaces. It has been tested to go from 25 km/hour to zero in just 3.6 meters. This vehicle also has the option to switch into ABS braking to help to ensure a non-skid stop.

          This beast of an e scooter has the option of road tyres or off-road tyres, making it perfect for those who like adventures. It separates itself from the rest of the pack thanks to its excellent off-road capabilities. Just a few of these features include its rock-solid stem and remarkable suspension, which is owed to its heavy dual shocks that are the perfect balance of stiffness. It's also equipped with 11 inch tubeless pneumatic tyres.

          A heavy-duty scooter will almost always need a heavy-duty battery, and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 certainly delivers in that department. This scooter boasts a 60V 35AH LG M50/SAMSUNG 50E, which has one of the longest ranges per battery coming in at 150 km per charge. This can be charged by dual chargers in 8.8 hours.

          • Brand: Kaboo
          • Model: Wolf Warrior 11 GT
          • Price: 4,999.00
          • Motor: Dual 1200 watt
          • Battery: 60V 35AH LG M50/SAMSUNG 50E (21700 CELLS)
          • Charge Time: 2 chargers included for 8.8 hours
          • Top Speed: 80 km
          • Max Load: 150 kg
          • Braking system: Full Hydraulic Brakes
          • Max Range: 150 km

          Benelle S350

          Buy the Benelle S350 here.

          Gone are the days when e scooters are automatically associated with children's toys. The powerful Benelle S350 has helped break this stereotype, largely due to it's impressive features.

          The S350 is changing the way the everyday rider is getting around town. When this scooter was designed it was made to be reliable, sleek, functional, and above all portable.

          This scooter is an affordable electric scooter in comparison to others on the market and when it comes to features, it's well above other scooters in the same price range.

          Built with a 350-watt brushless motor this is more than enough to get you where ever you are trying to go and in a hurry with a top speed of 25 km. 

          Where the S350 really shines is the lightweight and portability of the scooter. It's perfect for commuting and has a one-second fold-up mechanism, also weighs a very light 14.5 kg scooter. The majority of scooters on the market weigh around double this. 

          Don’t be fooled by how light this machine is, Benelle added a solid 36v 6.0Ah battery that will carry you anywhere from 20-25km per charge. Even more impressive than this is its 3-4 hour charge time.

          The Benelle S350 has the capabilities to stop very quicker, due to its dual disk braking. It's also equipped with front and rear suspension, helping to absorb any lumps or bumps in the road. These elements added together will ensure that riders have a smooth and comfortable ride.

          But, this electric scooter isn't just lightweight, high quality and affordable. It's also designed with style in mind. The body has been painted with the same technologies that the high-end car brand Porsche uses, delivering it a classy and stylish aesthetic. it's equipped with lights in the front and the back that help keep drivers safe when riding at night.

          • Brand: Benelle
          • Model: S350
          • Price: 899.00
          • Motor: 350 watts brushless
          • Battery: 36V 6.0AH
          • Charge Time: 3-4 hours
          • Top Speed: 25 km
          • Max Load: 120 kg
          • Braking system: disk braking
          • Max Range: 20-25 km

          Segway Ninebot Max G30L

          Buy the Segway Nineboy Max G30L here.

          Segway has been at the forefront of electric transportation for over two decades. Throughout their history, they have been a key part of innovations and creating key changes that are now industry standards.

          The Ninebot MaxG30L is no different. They have incorporated regenerative braking into this scooter. This will allow the scooter to gain a charge while braking that will add kilometres to the already great 551 watts 153 AH battery. This machine can go a more than respectable 40 km off of just one 6 hour charge.

          The motor is no joke either, equipped with a powerful 700-watt motor that can go top speeds of 25 km. They have also included brakes that will more than handle this power with long-lasting front and read drum braking with the option of manual or electronic.

          Segway has gone the extra mile with not just the performance of this scooter but with the incorporated technologies, too. In a time where everything is done on our phones, why should your scooter be any different? This e-scooter is technologically advanced with a connected mobile app.

          This smart app adds a whole new level to what a scooter can do. It will tell how much battery life the scooter has as well as the range left in the battery. It is also equipped with an amazing lock mode which can come in handy if you do not want someone to use your scooter.

          The innovative app technology brings the Segway Ninebot a step above the rest. It features a cruise control setting that will allow the scooter to hold the desired speed so that riders can spend more time enjoying their journey. The app also gives riders the option of clicking into an energy recovery mode. This mode uses the kinetic energy generated from the moving scooter to recharge the battery without even plugging it in. This is a great feature for anyone on a long ride who isn't sure if there is ample battery life to get to your destination.

          Despite being packed with features, the Max G30L is considerably light. It has been designed with an easy three-stage foldable option that will make carrying this light weight 18.7 kg as easy riding it.

          • Brand: Segway Ninebot
          • Model: Max G30L
          • Price: 1,099.00
          • Motor: 700 Watt
          • Battery: 551 Wh 153aH
          • Charge Time: 6 hours
          • Top Speed: 25 km
          • Max Load: 100 kg
          • Braking system: regenerative braking, Double Braking drum (Manual/Electric)
          • Max Range : 40 km

            The best electric scooter for commuting

            Mercane Jubel

            All ten e scooters listed above on our 10 best electric scooter lists are great choices for commuting. Each of these powerful electric scooters has great craftsmanship and are high-quality. However, if you're looking for a scooter to specifically use for commuting, then we would recommend the Mercane Jubel.

            The Mercane Jubel is priced at a very competitive $1,699, making it a lot more affordable than many others on the electric scooter market. This vehicle has fast and responsive acceleration, allowing it to hit its top speed of 30 km/hour. While this speed isn't as fast as some other scooters - in most areas of Australia, the top speed a scooter can be ridden in a public area is 25km/hour, so it's able to comfortably reach this.

            Another feature that makes the Jubel great for commuting is its impressive max range- especially considering its affordable price. This commuter scooter can travel up to 60km on just one single charge.

            See our full review on our selection of the best electric scooters for commuting.

            The best electric scooter for offroading

            Dualtron Victor 

            Put simply, when it comes to top-of-the-range features and power, the Dualtron Victor is right at the top of the list. Its ultra-powerful 4000-watt BLDC dual hub motor gives the motorized scooter an extreme amount of power. It's able to hit top speeds of 80kms very quickly, which is ideal for a rider looking to use it on off-road territories. 

            It also has an extremely long range of 100km (depending on rider's weight and charge), which is much longer than most electric scooters on the market. Its remarkable power and range make it great for long off-roading adventures.

            Of course, when a scooter is used off-road, it's absolutely imperative that it has very good safety features. Fortunately, the Dualtron Victor ticks this box and more. The Dualtron Victor is equipped with dual zoom hydraulic disc brake, which helps to provide a smooth and effective stopping system and has an added ABS option as well. While it's well known that all Dualtron's have great suspension, the Victor is actually superior, with the softest of any scooters from the brand, and is adjustable on both the front and the rear with up to five different cartridges.

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