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So you’d like to ride an electric scooter in Canberra?

We love our scooters! iScoot has an excellent range to choose from, and we can help all Canberrans choose the best scooter to match your needs. Whether you’re looking to improve your daily commuting times, reduce parking costs or take a tour around Lake Burley Griffin; if you’re craving the most powerful scooter in Canberra, or would like to slow down and enjoy more of this beautiful city – there’s a scooter in our range for you.

Before you start adding scooter products to your shopping cart, there’s some information you should know first. We’ve prepared a summary for you to start with, but it’s important to make yourself aware of all the issues.

Can you ride electric scooters in Canberra?

The ACT Government now allows e scooters (and other personal mobility devices such as segway-like devices and e-skateboards) to be used in the ACT. Electric scooters provide a healthy and affordable mode of transport around our nation’s capital city, but there are some common sense restrictions surrounding e scooter use in Canberra.

  • You must wear an approved bicycle helmet while riding your e scooter anywhere in the ACT.
  • You can ride your scooter on shared paths, bike paths, the bicycle side of separated paths and footpaths.
  • You cannot ride your e scooter on the road, unless there is no footpath or nature strip available or they are impractical to use.
  • You must give way to pedestrians and keep to the left as with vehicle road rules.
  • Show courtesy to other path users and ride to the conditions. The speed limit is 15km h for footpaths and 25km h on shared/bike paths. You must slow down to 10km h when using a crossing, be prepared to stop, keep left and give way to pedestrians. Please ride more slowly around others, or vehicles.
  • You must not be impaired by alcohol or drugs, operate mobile phone devices or carry any passengers.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult.
  • ACT rules differ from NSW so as soon as you cross the border leaving Canberra, you’re subject to NSW regulations.


Canberra’s relatively dry climate is great for e scooters, but you will need to look out for those cold, wet days occasionally, as well as the surprise thunderstorms. E scooters don’t mix with water, so it’s important to keep this is mind. The cooler temperatures mean it’s hardly ever too hot to scoot, however you may need to invest in some thermal clothing to keep you warm as you zoom around the fun parts of our capital. An e scooter may be particuarly good for the morning school run, as you and your children will arrive faster than on a bicycle.

The inner city of Canberra is relatively flat, which is great for electric scooter riders, but you’ll find a few steeper inclines as you travel out into the suburbs – so keep in mind that you will either need an electric scooter that can handle hills, or something light enough to be taken onto alternative transport options such as buses or the new light rail system. Scooting up hills can drain your batteries, so be sure you get a model with extra batteries available, or a hot-swap one. And if you’re coasting down hills, then check your brakes frequently (you don’t want to end up being a story on the local news!).

Suggested locations where you can ride your electric scooter

  • Lake Burley Griffin, and around the Parliamentary Triangle
  • Kingston Foreshore (when there’s not crowds of people)
  • National Arboretum, Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • Stromlo Forest Park
  • Lake Ginninderra
  • Belconnen Skate Park
  • Park tracks
  • Off road tracks


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Shipping Costs for Canberra

FREE SHIPPING to Canberra for all iScoot orders priced over $100

Remember we have specialist electric scooter mechanics so if your e scooter needs a service, repair, or requires maintenance book a service here.

We stock a wide range of safety products on our online store, and these can all be shipped to your location around Canberra – helmets, extra lighting, brake pads, extra battery.

The Legal Stuff

The rules differ across the States of Australia, so please check with your local State road traffic authority to be certain of the local laws for details regarding:

  • mandatory helmets
  • speed limits
  • age restrictions
  • scooter size and capacity


In Canberra, from 1 July 2017, the ACT Government allows a personal mobility device (such as a Segway or Segway-type device) to be used in the ACT. There are strict rules and regulations applying to the use of these devices. Any breach of these rules and regulations may result in an infringement notice being issued by a police officer, with a penalty attached.

From 20 December 2019, the framework for personal mobility devices was amended to include e-scooters and other similar devices. There are restrictions on the weight, speed, dimensions and power of scooters that may be used, but they are generally allowed around Canberra.

They are permitted on footpaths and bicycle paths, but not roads or bicycle lanes There are variable speed limits dependant on driving circumstances (25km h on shared/bike paths), there are age restrictions, you must wear a helmet.

As soon as you leave Canberra and return to NSW, you must abide by the NSW restrictions.

Electric Scooter Warranty

Our scooters are protected by warranty – This Limited Warranty covers all defects in material and workmanship of the electric scooter arising or occurring as a result of your normal and ordinary use of your personal mobile device. Please read the full warranty details here.


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