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What’s the best electric scooter for kids?

So you’ve chosen an awesome e-scooter for yourself, and you’re loving the freedom of zooming around your neighbourhood, going shopping or catching up with friends without needing your fossil-fuelled vehicle.

But your children have outgrown their bikes or their old push scooters, and can’t keep up with you, so they’re looking for something with a bit more power and range, that makes it easier to go from home to school. Or maybe your kids are spending all their free-time stuck at home watching TV, playing computer games, or dying their hair different colours!

Why not hook them up with their own kid’s electric scooter, and you can cruise the neighbourhood together? Just imagine if your kids could scoot themselves to the local park, or their mates place, or soccer training or ballet practice? Price is no longer an obstacle, with our selection of kid friendly electric scooters offering fantastic value for children of all ages!

Before you start to panic about being an empty-nester, we’ve developed this handy shopping guide, showcasing our top range of kid’s scooters to help you make the best, most informed decision for your children. And there’s nothing wrong with being a big kid yourself – there are plenty of options available for grown-ups.

So what’s the difference?

There are specially developed electric scooters for kids. They’re often similar to adult scooters, but with pared back features, lighter frames, or extras that aren’t necessary for most kids making the price a little lower. For example, child scooters typically don’t have indicators, as they’re not intended for use on a road. Battery life is just as good, but without so many LED lights the battery doesn’t need to be as big. We also tend to see less power in the motor to limit speed, though motor performance is just as excellent.

Generally speaking, the kids age ranges are a guide – the scooter you choose should be based on the height and weight of the rider, and degree of complexity involved in driving.

Many scooters designed for children are physically smaller and lighter, with lower speeds to improve safety. They also have weight limits to avoid overloading the motor, so be careful if your child needs to carry heavy items like books in their school bag.

If your children are physically bigger, or are rapidly approaching the weight limit, then you may find better long-term value from buying them an adult sized scooter. This is a viable option for early teens, and should keep them zooming well into their mid-life crisis!

Remember you and your kids can always come and see us in store, and even visit our showroom for a test ride for some of our models to see which one might suit your kids the best. In the meantime, read on for our Kids Scooters Top Picks!

Our Top Picks for Kids Scooters

E Glide G30 Kids

E Glide G30 Kids

An ultra-portable electric scooter with ease of use at the core of its design. With a scaled frame, the G30 is recommended for riders aged 12 and up.* Weighing in at a measly 11.5kg this scooter is a breeze to pick up and is our lightest e-Glide ever.

It has a top speed of 20kph, and a maximum range of 20km- plenty enough for kids to zoom around the neighbourhood, or to and from footy, but not quite enough to get themselves into trouble.

This is a light, ultra-portable entry level electric scooter, which could be perfect for all members of the family. It’s simple to fold, and easy to carry with solid 6.5″ tyres so your kids will not be late to class due to a puncture!

Rated IPX4 for water resistance, means small puddles or light rain won’t matter too much, unlike many other brands, but if you live in a damp area, then make sure you read our info on Electric Scooters and the Rain.

It’s very respectable 250W motor provides enough zoom factor, without going crazy and there are 2 power modes for your peace of mind. Maximum load is around 80Kg, so choose carefully if your kids are growing fast.

If you’re not sure what scooter might be best, come and see us in store!

*Riders aged between 12 and 16 must have adult supervision in some areas – please review your state’s rules and regulations here.

Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – good
  • Battery Charge Time – 3-4 hours
  • Speed – 20 kph
  • Range – 20 km
  • Maintenance – low
  • Safety – good
  • Longevity/ adjustability – suitable for kids up to 80kg
  • Weight and portability – weighs 11.5kg, foldable

Segway Kids Zing E8 

The Segway Kids Zing E8 is designed with safety as a core feature, and specifically for kids aged 5-10 years. Maximum rider weight should not exceed 50kg, and recommended height between 115–145 cm. Due to the age range it’s recommended for use on flat surfaces, paved roads and has anti-skid tubeless tires for those beautifully tempting, slippery surfaces…

Being specially designed for younger kids, the E8 is available in three gorgeous shades, red, pink and blue, that is sure to thrill your little explorers.

Riders can set different power modes through a one-click switch after starting up. Choose between safety, cruise, and turbo depending on your kids’ skill level for an exhilarating, but stress-free ride time!

The Zing E8 is incredibly lightweight at only 7.9 kg and is conveniently portable. Its slim and durable frame is easily folded in just one step and packed into your vehicle for transport to your favourite park. Top speed can reach an exciting 14 kph but can be easily set lower depending on the confidence and skill-level of your child.

Being designed for kids of a younger age, the E8 has a host of extra safety features such as slip resistant foot pads and handle bar grips, multiple braking systems, front shock absorbers, a low centre of gravity and a reduced reaction thumb throttle (no accidental drag races!)

On top of all that, the E8 promotes a more active lifestyle, since kids can control their Zing like a traditional kick scooter. (Sshh! They won’t even know they’re exercising!)

The Zing E8 has basic waterproofing rated at IPX4 (meaning you can ride in light rain, but avoid if possible) so zooming through puddles to splash siblings is not recommended.


Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – excellent
  • Battery Charge Time – approx 4 hours
  • Speed – 14-16kph, limited to 10kph in safety mode
  • Range – 10km
  • Maintenance – low
  • Safety – excellent
  • Longevity/ adjustability – derived from different models
  • Weight and portability – 8-8.5kg, foldable


Joyor A3

Joyor A3


For an awesome all-round electric scooter, that will suit a more grown up child, the Joyor A3 is definitely worth a look.

Maximum load is up to 120kg, while the scooter weight is a seriously light 10-15kg. So if your young teenager is already adult-sized then this model might be for you.

The A3 has a maximum speed of 25kph, and a range up to around 25km before needing a recharge – but the battery pack can easily be upgraded for longer range option.

Safety is still paramount with front and rear lights, electric brakes, suspension plus ambient sidelights which are connected and controlled via Bluetooth. 8″ solid tyres mean your teenager can’t use “puncture” as an excuse for running late, and the A3 is capable of taking hills up to around 15 degrees slope.

If you need more reasons to check this model out, it’s available in 5 awesome colours for kids!

Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – good
  • Battery Charge Time – 4 hours
  • Speed – max 25 kph
  • Range – up to 25 km
  • Maintenance – low
  • Safety – good
  • Longevity/ adjustability – sized for an adult
  • Weight and portability – 10-15kg, foldable


Kaabo Skywalker 8

Kaabo Skywalker 8


The Kaabo Skywalker 8 is a 500 Watt electric scooter and one of the toughest adult electric scooters on the market, but its size and portability make it a great choice for kids too. Able to carry up to 120 kg, the Skywalker 8 has suspension on the front to give a comfortable ride. This new model also has pneumatic tyres for better ride cushioning over those potholes and uneven surfaces (thank heavens!)

Maximum speed is up to 38kph on private property, with maximum range of 45km so this model would be better suited for bigger kids, weighing up to 120kg. The rear drum brake ensures kids can stop when they need, and the scooter weighs just under 20kg, so it’s still portable for all except your little kids.

With LED head, tail and brake lights your child will be highly visible as they scoot safely to school, or their sports team training, then home again to recharge their battery in under 6 hours.

The Kaabo Skywalker 8 is on show in our store – come on down and check it out for yourself.

Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – great
  • Battery Charge Time – 4-6 hours
  • Speed – max 38kph
  • Range – up to 45km
  • Maintenance – medium
  • Safety – good
  • Longevity/ adjustability – sized for an adult
  • Weight and portability – 20kg foldable


Bexly 8

Bexly 8

The BEXLY 8 electric scooter is lightweight and versatile, representing outstanding value for money. Built for adults, this model is also a perfect electric scooter for kids, due to its size, and easy handling.

Its incredible 500-watt motor is light, yet wields enough power to zoom up hills, while its rear drum brake will have your kids stopping fast when they need.  The Bexly 8 easily achieves a range of up to 25kms on one single charge, and at only 18kg is light enough to zoom kids happily to and from school, or around the neighbourhood on the weekend.

LED front and rear lights boost visibility on those dark and dreary school days, while its exceptional coil suspension and 8-inch tyres make it more comfy to ride than other scooters in its class.

Lightweight, versatile, cost-effective and size-appropriate – this scooter will be popular with both big kids, and small kids.

Why not visit our showroom for a test ride today?

Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – good
  • Battery Charge Time – 8 hours
  • Speed – up to 25kph
  • Range – 25km
  • Maintenance – medium
  • Safety – good
  • Longevity/ adjustability – sized for adults
  • Weight and portability – 17kg, foldable.


Segway Zing E10

For older kids who are looking for a bit more power and thrill, we suggest the Segway Zing E10.

The E10 is a safe, stylish and exciting e-scooter specifically designed with the older child in mind. The Zing E10 is recommended for kids 8 to 13 years old, but younger or older kids outside of that age could still handle an E10, especially with the various speed options.

Top speed will hit a respectable 16kmh, but can be pre-set to different modes including safety (reduced to 10kmh), cruise (activity based acceleration) and sports mode (16kph). Set the different speed modes depending on age and level, or work their way up as they gain in confidence!

The Zing’s unique cruise control system goes faster each time the rider kicks, giving the additional benefit of inbuilt fitness activity into the ride.

With all of the same safety features as the E8, the E10 does the same job, just for a bigger audience.

If you’d like to compare the E8 and E10 – come and visit our store for an up close and personal discussion!

Kids Scooter Summary

  • Value – excellent
  • Battery Charge Time – approx 4 hours
  • Speed – 16kmh max speed with three speed modes (*Safety, Cruise and Sport Mode). *10km limit in safety mode.
  • Range – 10km
  • Maintenance – low
  • Safety – excellent
  • Longevity/ adjustability – derived from different models
  • Weight and portability – 8.5kg, foldable

Shopping for an electric scooter for kids?

Check out these tips how to buy the best electric scooter for kids, without breaking your budget, or their bones.

Scooter Safety

Kids are precious, so it makes sense to protect their growing bodies with helmets, elbow/ knee shin pads and a range of other safety products available. Something as simple as proper closed footwear means their bare feet, thongs/ flip-flops won’t become stuck or wedged into wheels, while protective gloves and clothing will help prevent grazes and gravel rash. Many kids scooters are kept basic to control costs, so adding items to boost visibility like front and rear LED lights, and reflectors are all worth the extra investment if your child will be travelling near cars, or in low-light situations. There’s a huge range of these types of products available online, and prices are quite reasonable.

Also remember that “low maintenance” does not mean “no maintenance”. Keeping your child’s electric scooter in top condition will maximise scooter safety. Regularly checking the depth of the tyre tread, state of the tyres and replacing brake pads are all critical to safety- but the great news is that we have in-house mechanics that can service your scooter for you. This can help to maximise battery life, keep your motor running smoothly, and your scooter zooming at full power for as long as possible.

Shop our range of products here.

Learning to ride an e-scooter for kids.

The best approach here is “teach your child how to ride properly”.

Parents take this seriously when kids qualify for their C-class vehicle license, and it’s really not much different with an electric scooter.

E scooters, particularly kid’s scooters, will have smaller wheels than motorcycles or cars – so the scooter will not take well to large bumps or potholes (however tempting they are). To lighten the scooter, devices like shock absorbers are often not built onto children’s models, making them handle differently to other scooters.

Start by going through the manufacturer’s instruction booklet or manual, and ensuring you and your child know what all buttons, levers, and pedals are for.

Move on to taking off slowly and safely, to avoid falls. Most electric scooters have a safe or low-power mode, to prevent your new scooter zooming out from under you! Then slowly work through how to accelerate, slow down, stop quickly, and safely steer around obstructions like rocks or potholes on the road without skidding. Also discuss safety while going up/ down hills, around corners and in crowded spaces.

Make yourself and your child aware of the water rating, whether your chosen model is splash resistant, or should be kept dry.

Be sure your supervise your kids for the first few trips, before letting them take short journeys on their own, and make sure you and your kids are aware of the local regulations governing scooters.

Local rules and regulations, specific for kids

Each state of Australia has differing regulations, so please check with your local State road traffic authority to be certain of the local laws for details regarding:

  • mandatory helmets
  • speed limits
  • age restrictions
  • scooter size and capacity

We are located in Queensland, where electric scooters are considered a wheeled recreational device, so they may be used on footpaths only. They may not be used on roads, or designated bicycle lanes.

Riders must be aged 12 or over and supervised by an adult until aged 16.

Helmets are mandatory, and speeds must be limited to 25kph.

Please see more info: and

Please view the full information here on the New South Wales Centre for Road Safety site.

New South Wales road rules currently stipulate that “powered foot scooters…cannot be registered and can only be used on private land.” As such, it is illegal to ride an electric scooter anywhere in New South Wales, other than on private property.

Victorian law stipulates that a motorised scooter cannot travel faster than 10km/h. Additionally, a motorised scooter must have a maximum power output of 200 watts or less. Electric scooters that do not meet these stipulations can be used on private property, but not in public. If an electric scooter fails to meet these requirements, it is classified as a motor vehicle. If classified as a motor vehicle, the electric scooter must be registered, and the rider must have a valid motorcycle license.

Please see VicRoads details here .

In South Australia, it is illegal to ride an electric scooter on the road, footpath, bicycle track, or anywhere other than private property. Under South Australian law, electric scooters are considered motor vehicles, with the relevant SA Transport law explaining “operating a motor vehicle requires a driver’s licence, registration and compulsory third party insurance. As these devices [electric scooters] do not meet the safety standards under the Australian Design Rules they are not eligible for registration.”

Currently, Western Australian laws via the motor vehicle licensing branch stipulate that electric scooters must travel at 10km/h or less, and “must not be used on footpaths and paths designed for shared use by pedestrians and bicycles.” In Western Australia any unlicensed electric scooters may only be used on private property. These rules apply to petrol and electrical powered scooters and mini motorcycles.

A motorised scooter cannot travel faster than 10km/h in Tasmania, and must have a power output of no more than 200 watts. If these stipulations are not met, the electric scooter is deemed to be a motor vehicle. However, electric scooters cannot be registered as motor vehicles in Tasmania as they fail to meet the minimum safety requirements. As such, any e-scooter that has a power output of more than 200 watts can only be used on private property in Tasmania. Please see info from the Tasmanian department of Transport here.

In the Northern Territory, a motorised foot scooter is typically a wheeled recreation device equipped with an engine or motor of some description. Motorised scooters with a power output greater than 200 watts are defined as motor vehicles in the NT Motor Vehicles Act.

As motor vehicles, motorised scooters used on roads, or in public places, need to be registered and ridden by licensed riders. However, motorised scooters are not designed or manufactured to comply with registration requirements and national safety standards for road vehicles, such as Australian Design Rules (ADRs). Therefore, they cannot be granted registration for on-road use and may not be ridden on public roads or places open to the public (including footpaths, bike paths, carparks, etc.)

From 1 July 2017, a personal mobility device (such as a Segway or Segway-type device) can be used in the ACT. There are strict rules and regulations applying to the use of these devices. Any breach of these rules and regulations may result in an infringement notice being issued by a police officer, with a penalty attached. From 20 December 2019, the framework for personal mobility devices was amended to include e-scooters and other similar devices. There are restrictions on the weight, dimensions and power of scooters that may be used, but they are generally allowed around Canberra. They are permitted on footpaths and bicycle paths, but not roads or bicycle lanes. There are variable speed limits dependant on driving circumstances, there are age restrictions, and you must wear a helmet.

What happens when my kid outgrows their scooter?

At iScoot, we have a comprehensive “Trade Up or Trade In” offer available on most of our scooters. So if you want to start small, and then trade-up when you’ve graduated to something bigger or more powerful – it’s easy!

This offer is available to kid’s scooters, as well as adult scooters – so you can be certain that your scooter will fit you (or your kids) for many years to come.

We offer express delivery Australia wide, including; Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne and more.