eScooter accessories, PART ONE: GADGETS

You’ve got your scooter, but what has your scooter got?

Is it fitted with lights, or a speedometer and/or odometer for example?

My Zero 9 is, and I find these eScooter accessories essential. Yours may not, and you may not, but there’s nothing to stop you from Accessorising to what you think may be a value add to your scooting. So what extra’s and gadgets are available out there?

Even though electric scooters are super easy to ride, balance is crucial, and I was noticing that turning to see what was behind me could upset that balance. I was slowing down to make right hand turns and often having to stop to let cars pass. The simple fix was a rear view mirror. I purchased a universal model which simply clicks onto the handlebar for $25. Other options include models which stretch out further by attaching to a collar that attaches to the handlebar, a mirror on a short pole which attaches to your helmet and even wristwatches and gloves with a pop-up mirror. You don’t have to spend more than $50 and can spend as little as $10.

Range of Accessories

Now keep in mind that adding eScooter accessories to your scooter has the potential to disrupt its dynamics. The design and engineering of electric scooters focuses heavily on balance and weight distribution so must be taken into account.

Although my simple mirror attachment was not likely to be a concern, I used the opportunity to ‘balance’ things up with a cup holder ($12) attached to the other (left) handlebar. Once I stopped using the bus for my commute to work and started using my scooter, I felt something was missing. Coffee!

Previously, at the local Park ’n’ Ride Station, a coffee van had conveniently showed up one morning and has since become a fixture, as had my morning caffeine hit. Since using the scooter to get to get to work, being one not to rush a good brew, I was skipping the morning institution. Not now! With coffee purchased and loaded, I’m away again and actually looking forward to the next red light and the opportunity for another swig. Another alternative is a bottle holder that clamps to the upright bar ($20) for essential hydrating.

I haven’t done so yet, but next is a phone holder mount ($35) which will slot nicely in the middle. There should be just enough room to add an Electric Scooter Horn ($25) or Bell ($10) to put an end to all those “Scuze me”s and “Coming through”s. I have added a carry handle ($79.95) that slots in at the back of the deck. I don’t use it all the time, but find it comes in handy getting on buses, in lifts and when it’s a bit crowded.

Coffee holder, Bell, Light, Seat and Handle are all available for the most popular models.

What about a water resistant handlebar bag ($49)? Adding a seat is possible on some models if you’re that way inclined..

If you’ve thought about what gadgets might make things a little more convenient, or for whatever reason, they are most likely available, and iScoot will be able to help. Many of the eScooter accessories iScoot carry are specifically made for scooters, of high quality and priced very well, but you can also shop around as gadgets made for bikes will also often work.

The next article in the series will be about which eScooter accessories or spare parts you might like to have as alternatives or back-ups. Stay tuned and Happy Scooting!

Waterproof bag and large rear view mirror.